WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

05 Jun 2019


tzviya, Judy, Joanmarie_Diggs, jamesn, Kim_Patch, Jeanne, MichaelC, AWK
Steve, Janina, Sharron


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Judy: Next Call June 19'th, any conflicts?


Judy: , Tzviya won't be able to make it, next meeting approved.

Upcoming announcements & publications

Judy: Anyone has anything coming up? Reviews? Announcements?

George: I posted a link to a guide that we put up to the EPUB3 CG : Guidelines for UX schema.org metadata for EPUBs. We are close to having another Guideline on A11Y Summaries for EPUBs. Not sure what we will do with these guides yet at this time.

Judy: EPUB associated guides for authoring?

George: UX guideline for display of metadata for Libraries/bookstores etc.


George: , Vitalsource is displaying the raw schema.org metadata in the EPUB which is ok but not very meaningful.
... , ONIX crosswalk metadata which is another way that the metadata is distributed, typically for trade books.
... , we are trying to get a 1:1 relationship EPUB schema.org metadata maps to ONIX metadata
... , if a distributor uses ONIX or EPUB we hope it will be the same is our goal.

Judy: this might be interesting for a "friendlier" for different parts of WAI efforts maybe in Silver.

Tzviya: I just want to mention that the documentation is valuable but this is not W3C.

George: this is an effort by Benetech and DAISY. but is something we want the CG EPUB for review.

Judy: I second the thought of this is valuable to have the side conversation on IP review or a more formal process if we want to explore this.

George: Tzviya Charles and I can look at an approach for this to move this forward in the W3C process to get this more formalized.

Judy: I think Tzviya can cover whats needed in terms of W3C process.

Jeanne thanks for taking a look

Charles: we may want to bring this as a W3C Note potentially.

Judy: can you be really clear on the announcing this work for review
... if you are aiming to bring this to the W3C then we want to make sure the messaging is clear.

Any upcoming publications?

Drafting new charter for AGWG -- updated scope, other

Judy: updated scope. Micheal any update on this? Andrew?

<MichaelC> https://raw.githack.com/w3c/wcag/charter-2019/charter.html

Judy: link to draft? quick overview …
... they are just starting to look over this draft.

Micheal: most of the WCAG2.2 and silver as a rec track document

it removes the a11y testing framework since it should be complete

scribe: added a11y authoring guidelines
... support materials for all these things.

Judy: ICT added?

Andrew: it is under other deliverables.

James: I don't see anything about 2.x versions after 2.2 would you need to recharter if they wanted to do so?

Michael: Yes but the hope is we wouldn't do that.

James: if 2.x version if there isn't a plan to have that if it can't make it into 2.2 but will then have to wait for Silver.

Michael: Silver is 1.5 years out in the timeline

Judy: We will be pushing this out to the community for feedback, then it will go to management, and then goes to the AC for formal review.
... , this is a very short window for the two things it will be doing next. So make sure you check to see how it impacts your groups
... , Be aware the intention to leave some room for new technologies and the a11y of those VR into Silver authoring tool angle / UA angles. This is when you want to look into the charter.
... , Michael is there an issue with dates.

James: I think we need to get the Silver dates sorted out.

Michael: I updated in timeline but not in deliverables. will fix that.

Jeanne: nothing else from me.

Kim: have been tracking, no issues

<Zakim> jamesn, you wanted to note that I don't see a WCAG 2.3 in the charter... Is it decided there will be no new 2.x after 2.2

Update on knowledge domain work

Judy: George you are involved with math/chemistry, and a community group which hasn't fully formed yet.

… inclusive library science etc. they may want to start up a CG

scribe: anyone comments?

Michael: KD CG we are looking for a co-chair outside a11y community
... Janina is looking as well, maybe publisher community

George: they were considering they would do some work and move it into the KD. I think I find her in my address book. MIT Library conference
... Katherine Diebl
... EPUB CG was not to put chemistry under KD but a sibling of the KD, like math would be a sibling. we did have folks from Chemistry CG joing the math CG to put some requirements in math spec.

Judy: Can I tag you George to get folks for either of these groups?

George: So the most pressing is to find a chair for the KD.
... I can ping Katherine

Judy: the KD is 6-7 months and is stalling if we only have an a11y chair we may have to just go with that. Michael other thoughts?

I exhausted other potential leads I have. George your it come back if needed.

scribe: any other updated on KD math, chemistry Music?

George: Music xml group is alive and well there was a Braille music conference in Geneva. We have a large collection of BRF music we can now distribute internationally due to new Marrakech treaty. Benetech is a good candidate or WIPO, or ABC for distribution. we want to store the music XML and any generated final form.
... large print and braille format are two other formats as well.
... I did bring up SVG as a presentational mode for music on the web, as apposed to just images but that is work far down the road.

Judy: Until we have some sustained work at coordination level we don't need to get down into the weeds with each specific subdomains, but glad to hear that there is enough sustained work to actually pull things together, in the knowledge domain..

Tzviya: I have been hearing about the math work, CSS group also is discussing this. Concerning that some folks are claiming that MathML will be functioning in all browsers next week

Judy: 8 months now from TPAC is to have a shared place accross the subdomains for Knowledge domain work and the a11y area though it should be lead by the a11y group. Janina/Michael, but no confirmation of who is responsible, and George and I were trying to get another chair. So 2 weeks lets stop trying to find another chair so its not lead exclusively from the a11y area. So it could be more coordinated. I agree its a valid concern. Th

e work has been stalled.

Tzviya: I don't know what is going on in CSS WG if anyone from that side may want to chair.

Judy: why CSS?

Tzviya: strong opinions on how this will connenct to CSS.

Judy: can you reach out to CSS?

George: this is the forking issue with math and doing it through CSS, are we thinking the KD would somehow wrangle these two different groups together?

Judy: if we just go for KD with the same perspective that won't help with forking issue.
... This sounds like it is stuck, we could schedule a side meeting who would need to meet? including accross the fork for coordination concerns Tzviya.

Tzviya: I would happy to but my time is limited

George: Yeah if we can these groups to sit down and talk.

Judy: who else on this call ? who would we invite from CSS?

Charles: maybe Neil Soiffer the chair of the MathML CG

Judy: maybe Janina as well or may include others.

Workshops: Automotive, Machine Learning

<Judy_alt> https://www.w3.org/2018/11/machine-learning-workshop/

Judy: ML important for a11y invite folks to look at that.

<Judy_alt> https://www.w3.org/auto/events/data-ws-2019/cfp.html

Judy: in both cases, these may not look like accessibility is in scope, but it is, for both workshops, vehicle passenger characteristics, authentication etc.

advance research on interoperability

Jeanne: Juttais interested and would like some more information about it.

Judy: I have been in contact but haven't sent any information yet, I will get her some additional information.
... , I just want to do a curtesy first.

Tzviya: where will the ML workshop be?

Judy: Jeanne when you do fwd it is an incomplete draft. DOM is currently listed

<jeanne> Cybele Sack

Judy: , Tzviya tentative location but I am not seeing it listed yet.
... , automotive does have date/location but these are drafts.

fyi on an upcoming TEDx talk

Judy: TEDx talk last week, the video is in production available in 2 weeks.
... ,trying to: 1. reach people who never considered digital accessibility. 2. talk that were interesting with advance technologies
... , implementation matters, guidelines, impacts lives, as well as developing countries.
... , once it is done I would ask you review and then push it out if you like it an if it can be of use to your communities.

Tzviya: It was an impressive lineup of speakers.

Infoshare WGs and TFs

Judy: was incredible lineup !!
... , I hope it will be useful for folks.
... anything trending, gaps in resources to move something fwd, reports? successes?

Github problems

We know we have issues with Github. George are there any new?

George: I know there are some disabled folks using GitHub, but I wish there were more training materials, its hard to get going. It limits your participation and involvement with CG and WG.

Judy: we have been asked for from Microsoft to channel the feedback back into the github channel itself.
... , we want to try to fix, difficulties with the user interface. Horizontal scrolling is a major problem.
... , there are some non-compliance issues they need to fix.
... , some proxy solutions that W3C is trying to do. But the training is new
... , but we need you to log issue in GitHub Issues

George: you can see the chicken n egg issue here right?

Judy: who would like to file this?
... I can file it, or was someone else.

George: I can submit issues in GitHub, but which repo?

Judy: there should be a github issues and let me know the issue # once you file it.

Jeanne: I have a link to a training session that someone did for Silver I will send it to you.

Judy: this is an important issue, the training wasn't on my radar, W3C training or a11y focus or github itself training.

agenda requests for next call?

agenda requests for next call?

George: mEnabling update
... Avneesh Singh was elected to AB !!!!

Judy: Yes that is wonderful news.

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