Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

01 May 2019


paul_grenier, Sam, janina, Dee, irfan, JF
Steve, Christine


<Sam> is audio working through Webex?

<janina> Yes, audio should be available via Webex, plus additional vectors like SIP or PSTN

tpac 2019

Irfan: anything else to add?

Janina: proposed who's meeting when is out on the TPAC page, we will work out meeting times
... will post URL
... we should note why we want to talk with various groups, agenda for discussions

Irfan: I am working on collecting topics
... will discuss with Janina, add to APA TPAC page

Janina: meeting with CSS sometime Monday or Tuesday

JF: I will not be there.

Ga Analysis

<janina> TPAC Calendar at https://www.w3.org/2019/09/TPAC/schedule.html

Mark: working on a matrix which looks at the various speech presentations
... i.e., reading as text strings, reading numbers, language phonetic pronunciation
... approach - after defining the functions, put together matrix to show where support exists or not
... indicate gaps for content authors and HTML
... matrix table will be more clear

Janina: sounds useful. Do you think pauses are important for authoring the pronunciation of numbers?

Mark: yes, using more generic presentation of functions rather than SSML centric terms

Irfan: I think Sam and Steve Noble have volunteered to review and add to the document

user scenarios

<irfan_ali> https://w3c.github.io/pronunciation/user-scenarios/

Irfan: I have added information to the posted URL
... based on info posted by Christine and Sam
... this is the first version, need feedback

Sam: still at the moment reads like a user story. Haven't been able to connect with Christine. I will flesh out scenarios.
... need Janina's availability

Janina: did you send me mail?

Sam: yes, I will resend.
... presented at NY UX meetup.
... I will upload presentation to github
... most people aware, but not addressing it

<paul_grenier> I'm confused, why is that document not in our github repo?

Sam: NY meetup very successful in raising awareness in developer community and UX

Irfan: Paul, please take a look and provide feedback on the document
... target, have a version ready for TPAC
... will add date

use case document

Irfan: template is in github
... Paul to contribute
... will pull notes and give to Paul to summarize
... will use github to continue, I will make sure that tasks are assigned. Steve Noble also has tasks.


Irfan: need to enter the timeline for each and every document. I will work with Roy to do this before next week's meeting.
... Janina, any comment?

Janina: no comment at this time. Sept. still sounds good. Have things published before TPAC.

other business

<irfan_ali> Anton Vasetenkov

Irfan: reached out to Anton. Cannot join call but would like to contribute. Call scheduled for Friday.
... another member (Mark to send name) has applied. Will follow up with Roy/Michael.

Paul: found a discussion from Dec 2018 in schema.org to create a schema for pronunciation. Joined and asked for feedback.
... information is in our issues.

<paul_grenier> https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/2108

<Sam> Janina - what is the bes email address to reach you?

trackbot, end meeting

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