Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

24 Apr 2019


Roy, mhakkinen, Dee, SteveNoble, JF, paul_grenier


<Roy> Aganda?

<Roy> scribe: Dee

TPAC 2019

Mark: TPAC 2019, any official updates from Roy?

<Roy> https://www.w3.org/2019/09/TPAC/

Roy: registration open this week

Mark: schedule APA working group on Monday and Tuesday

Roy: thought APA working group on Thursday or Friday, updates coming

Mark: not likely that all members of task force will make it to Japan. May not have enough to have face-to-face meeting in Japan
... Roy, Irfan, and I will be in Japan. Anyone else?

JF: I will not be there. Janina is keeping some time open.

Mark: It would be great to meet face-to-face and have other meetings while there.

JF: Did some work on bidirectional language and string test, was hoping to have discussions about that

Mark: publishing group is meeting on Monday/Tuesday - possibility of joint discussion

JF: Is this task force going to formally meet or roll into larger APA dicussions?
... Will this task force meet with others?
... Will act as liaison

Mark: Need time to meet with CSS and Internationalization
... any other groups
... possible media and entertainment

JF: I follow media and entertainment, haven't seen much on pronunciation
... not aware of any activities specific happening at W3C, will reach out to Nigel

Mark: Nigel has raised issue about speech styling for content that is being read by TTS
... BBC and Comcast have similar interets

JF: will send email to media and entertainment

<paul_grenier> presetn+

Mark: Wednesday breakout sessions. Organize a session for this task force
... Bug submitted several years ago to Chromium for Google has now been assigned

JF: will take info to APA call and report back to this group

Paul: interested in JASON LD

Mark: They are listed as meeting at TPAC

JF: does this task force want to request a meeting with JASON LD?

Mark: Taking our model to them for early feedback would be useful

JF: is this the same priority as meeting with CSS and Internationalization?

Mark: good but not critical

Paul: spec is clear, but if they have comments about schema, would be helpful

JF: are we going to have people to sit with JASON LD?
... On a scale of 1 to 10?
... score as a 5, nice it we can

Gap Analysis

Mark: Steve Novle and I tasked with gap analysis. I have no updates.

Steve: Also no updates

Mark: Steve - you and I should have an offline discussion.

Steve: ideally meet May 3 or sometime the following week

Mark: I will work on this and we can meet next Friday

User Scenarios

Mark: I have seen posted content, looking good

Paul: copied all data out of HTML, added two user scenarios

Mark: markdown reasonable way to procedd
... we can get that accepted
... who can do that?

<Roy> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/pull/13

Mark: Roy can accept

Paul: I will close the two issues that have been merged.

Mark: other issues to be added.

Use case document

Paul: does someone have that as a task?
... I can follow up.
... I will leave link in for now.

Mark: will look further at those next week


Mark: we cannot make further progress at this time. Need to get other pieces under development first.

other business

Mark: attending hack-a-thon, suggested that a team work on SSML, will share more next week.
... any other topics?
... we can close the meeting.

tackbot,end meeting

trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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