Profiles Guidance sprint

28 February 2019

Meeting minutes

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<roba> * looking for webex link for this - wasnt in the calendar

<roba> * hi alejandra - dont have a webex link and kcoyle appears not to actually be here (?)

<roba> * i have checked - dont have such a link - seems to have been swallowed by the ether

<kcoyle> https://‌docs.google.com/‌document/‌d/‌1Y4jP4SGZMnt63EpjTX11-hW6-3mxlaq1i-Lbiw4tx1M/‌edit#heading=h.ssjyicj0ncew

looking at the google docs

looking at section 1 again

discussion about 'profiling'

<roba> * no link - not in spam either - its being swallowed somewhere :-(

<antoine> https://‌w3c.github.io/‌dxwg/‌profiles/

we discussed that profiling has many different meanings in different contexts

and that in our context is maybe better to avoid using the term

we discussed that definitions will be moved to the A2 section

and profiling might be removed if not used across the document

discussing now section 1.a on motivation of profiles

way to introduce some of the use cases

suggestion that it might be enough to link to the UCR document

kcoyle: we could include a few sentences
… this is motivation and we are motivated by the use cases

alejandra: I agree that a high level overview of the use cases, without going into details would be useful

kcoyle: I will write a brief description of the use cases in that section

Action: kcoyle to write description of use cases in section 1.a

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discussion on section 2

discussion on terminology such as components/manifestations and potentially the use of resource that is the term from the profiles vocabulary

discussion on change management

identity of a profile - does it change if we add a new resource/component?

roba: it totally depends on the roles

discussion that a profile may exist without an implementation or resource

alejandra: I would tend to think that there should be at least one implementation for the profile to exist

Summary of action items

  1. kcoyle to write description of use cases in section 1.a
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