Web Authentication

27 Feb 2019



akshay, elundberg, james_barclay, jfontana, john_bradley, nick_steele, tomlowenthal, wseltzer, jcj, plh
nadalin, jfontana


Nadalin: No meeting Wednesday; F2F Thursday next week
... No meeting IETF week (March 27)

plh: We're on-target for March 4
... any help we can find to eat our own dogfood and implement WebAuthn on the W3C site

jfontana: We missed a few issues last week, 1105 and higher

duo_folks: we have some example libraries on webauthn.io

Open Level 2 Pull Requests and Issues

nadalin: 1105?


scribe: do you believe it's a 1st draft or 2d draft issues?

jcj: kick it further down the road

nadalin: 02 then
... 1117?

elundberg: PR is open
... [underwater audio]

nadalin: 1122?
... leave it in 01
... 1123?
... PR open
... leave it at 01

elundberg: awaiting review from JC

jcj: I'll work on it

nadalin: 1125?
... close or postpone

elundberg: closure was suggested without objectoin

nadalin: closing
... 1128

elundberg: PR 1131

nadalin: doesn't limit us to FIDO authenticators
... leave in 01
... 1133?
... not seeing immediate need
... any objection to moving it to 02?
... hearing none.
... 1146?
... leave at 01
... 1147?

elundberg: in what circumstances would you need this?

jcj: if we implemented at Moz, we'd ignore unless pref were set to enterprise mode
... I don't fully understand
... keep pushing back on adding more attestation data
... we need Google to explain the vision of it

nadalin: leave it and discuss at F2F
... 1135?

elundberg: technical. I think we can do it in 01


elundberg: I was looking at the wrong one.
... this one can be punted

nadalin: isn't this a question for SafetyNet, not our spec?

elundberg: that's what the issue says. better just to refer
... this one is purely editorial

nadalin: 1146?
... already reviewed
... 1149?

elundberg: we can do in 01

nadalin: 1153? has a PR open
... We've now triaged all L2-01 or 02
... PRs for L2-WD-01


scribe: go ahead and merge
... 1143 needs review from JCJ


scribe: 1159, editorial


scribe: once it has ok from JCJ, merge
... 1161 https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/1161
... needs review

nadalin: that's the PRs
... one untriaged issue, 1162, new

elundberg: editorial answer, "don't do that"
... intent of user verification is to verify user

nadalin: move it to 02
... any issues or PRs people would like to discuss today?

Nick: Nick and James from Duo will be at F2F. Would help to get definition of authenticators

nadalin: issue 1128?

Nick: describing authenticator for developers

nadalin: hearing nothing further, adjourned.
... We'll send F2F agenda.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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