WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

27 Feb 2019


Judy, Brent, Shawn, Jeanne, Michael, SteveLee, Janina


<Judy> clear agenda

<Judy> meeting: WAI Coordination Call

<scribe> scribe: janina

jb: Anything else?

<Judy> agenda order is 1, 4, 5

Scribe, rrsagent, agenda, next meeting date (skipping CSUN week)

jb: Two weeks from today is during CSUN, so we will not hold this call
... Notes 12 March is 30th anniversary of the web
... Next will be 27 March, any regrets?


CSUN coordination last check. For WAI meetings, any key discussion timing?

jb: Thanks all around for coordination
... Discusses on going coord issues
... Any CSUN related questions?

New participant/contributor needs for your groups?

<Judy> agenda order is 1, 4, 5, 7

<shawn> Janina: APA top failure is CSS

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to say APA still needs CSS

<shawn> ... CSS skillset. Knowledge Domain have CG page populated with info/summary before CSUN

<shawn> Judy: Why do hard to get CSS expertise on APA?

<shawn> Janina: Some people express interest...

<shawn> Michael: Issue is needs focus...

<shawn> ... also needs to work with CSS WG process & APA process (which is a little different)

<shawn> Judy: CSS Task Force ...

<shawn> Michael: Yes, CSS TF is the venue for the work

jb: Anyone else?

<Brent> Nothing specific for EO at this time.

jean: Looking for sign language experts
... Usability and deplain expertise for the next 6 months or so
... Expertise in accessibility issues not previously addressed

jb: Thinks of someone with the Feds who could bring autism knowledge

sh: More people to review policy submissions

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say Policy submission reviewers

<shawn> Janina: Good opportunity to include COGA people - esp. plain language

brent: +1 to the policy need

WG and TF pages up to date before AC meeting? Recent news, current work, etc

jb: Need to cleanup our web pages preferably by CSUN, but especially ahead of the AC mtg
... Look at the home page and pretend to be someone new coming to the page. What do you know? What's missing?
... Requests we think how well we're communicating to outside people who come upon our pages

jean: Asking mc for a fix with au wiki; seems it's pointing to an old site?

mc: Requests e with more detail

jb: Notes another useful criterion is how many clicks to get at important docs, subpages

Upcoming announcements & publications

jb: Are announcements getting queued?
... Expect a succession of tweets; please also participate

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say CAPTCHA announcements not got home page or tweet?

<shawn> Janina: looking for wide review

<shawn> [ Shawn - policy is to do home page & tweet for docs for review ]

<shawn> blog https://www.w3.org/blog/2019/02/captcha-accessibility-wide-review/

How are Knowledge Domain CG non-accessibility registrations going?

Reminder about AC meeting & registration

jb: Asks who's going?

<Brent> Not going to April AC meeting. Not sure if Pearson Rep is going.

jb: Would an advance telecon for a11y reps be useful?

<Brent> Never sure how involved the Pearson Rep is.

Infoshare: WG and TF updates

sh: About to do a soft launch of translations

<shawn> preview https://deploy-preview-125--wai-website.netlify.com/videos/standards-and-benefits/

sh: Curious to see how this works out
... German, Greek, Spanish, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, languages of India, [arabic], hoping some others
... Major intent is to make it easier to find translations

jb: Want to cover major UN langs
... Also outreach for less developed countries
... Noting we have a priority list when someone volunteers to do translations?

<shawn> Translating WAI Resources https://deploy-preview-125--wai-website.netlify.com/about/translating/

sh: Expect big push early April

brent: Compliments sh on a job well done

Other Business

<shawn> s/German, Greek, Spanish, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, languages of India, [arabic], hoping some others

jb: Also, any requests for next call?

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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