Clreq Editors' Call

22 February 2019

Meeting minutes


Go through the issue and pull request list

xfq: #200 didn't fix #192 and #176

Eric: When two different proper nouns appear side-by-side, the underline SHOULD be broken between the two
… because MUST will be too difficult to implement

Bobby: I think it should be a MUST

Huijing: I also think it should be a SHOULD

Bobby: SHOULD then
… I'll take care of it


Eric: I don't think #189 is about text layout
… it's about sorting
… I think OP should refer to CLDR

Huijing: I also don't think it's related to text layout

<ryukeikun> http://‌cldr.unicode.org

Eric: we can reply that it is out of the scope of clreq


Bobby: Western text will not be horizontal-in-vertical

Eric: we can remove the "horizontal-in-vertical" part

xfq: I'll modify it

Yijun: we can also remove the "checkme"


Eric: Perhaps we do not need an illustration here?


xfq: fantasai added characters to skip for emphasis marks to the css-text-decor spec

Eric: In principle, we only add emphasis marks to Chinese characters

Bobby: We can look into this issue (for what characters should be skipped) before the next meeting

Bobby: emoji is an interesting case
… I think characters like "→" should not be skipped

Yijun: https://‌hackmd.io/‌0x9bBZbDSqyhSg5J-V_NsA

Bobby: <em>(這是一個「好」問題!)</em>


Bobby: this is a complex issue
… we can look at #135 now


Bobby: I think we can close this issue now

Next telecon time

March 27, Wed, 19:00-20:00 (UTC+8)

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