Feb 20, 2019 Meeting of ARIA and Assistive Technologies CG

20 Feb 2019


matt-king, michael_fairchild, shadi, jon-gunderson, yota
Matt King


<shadi> presnt+

Assessment Methodology Development


<shimizuyohta> https://github.com/w3c/aria-at/wiki/Assessment-Methodology

Perhaps report incorrect support as an entity separate from full/partial/not supported

Perhaps characterize tests by their impact, e.g. essential, non-essential, or min required or ideal

Could be used to say partial support is adequate for some aspect of usage

MF: tie essential to "must" and non-essential could be "should" and "may"

Each assertion could be categorized as must, should, or may.

If all musts are met, the A/T provides minimum support.

<michael_fairchild> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MjRfDq9_bhjqinyCJh62MJde1ykp3ai0TcpEPGn6xeI/edit?usp=sharing

jf: Do we want the assertions to be A/T agnostic?

mf: hesitant to mention specific a/t b/c we don't want to be perceived as telling a/t what to do.
... we could make the assertions a/t agnostic by categorizing them as must/should/may

mk: some assertions need to be conditionally worded, e.g., if the a/t has a command for describing position in a table, xyz must be true when that command is issued by the user.

discuss how to handle configuration dependencies.

Is it supported if a switch has to be turned on by the user.

mk: proposal: make some assertions conditional based on a setting.
... example: If the a/t has config option for auto announcing property A, it must do xyz if it is on, and must not do xyz if it is off.

mf: make assertions independent of example context to help devs understand what is expected regardless of context.

Discussion of how keyboard commands effect number of assertions.

jg: What do you do with incorrect help messages provided by a/t.

VO says ctrl-opt-space to open the menu and it does not work.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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