Publishing Business Group Steering Committee

07 Feb 2019


tzviya, laudrain, wendyreid, dauwhe, George, Bill_Kasdorf, Garth, Rachel, liisamk_, jyoshii


scribenic: laudrain

<wendyreid> scribenick: laudrain

Topic Update calendar

Liisa: Asian call becomes every other week call

Garth: Tueasdy 12th stays the same, 2 weeks after, 26th move to 7PM eastern
... every other week at that frequency

Liisa: exact !

Google calendar for events

Liisa: tracking conferences and all other events
... do you all want access ?

George: other people would want to send item to be put on that calendar
... someone responsible for updating
... just publish the calendar

<garth> I will do the following meeting invites:

<garth> PBG Meetings:

<garth> Tues Feb 12th -- 12:00p Eastern (repeat every four weeks)

<garth> Tues Feb 26th -- 7:00p Eastern (repeat every four weeks)

Liisa: just PBG chairs updating the calendar ?
... let’s have read for all, and write for every people from the SC

Garth: invite everybody from the SC

Tzviya: no notigification but a public calendar

Liisa: seting up and see next call how it is

Asian WG meeting

tzviya: very intersting, not so attended
... 1) EPUB3 is good, 3.2 is good, keep it stable
... WG not of huge interest
... but more from the charter
... ore form the Manga CG, layout requirement
... language barrier, but that meeting time don’t necessary solve
... so japanese meeting with Florian for instance

Bill_Kasdorf: people form China, Korea?

tzviya: Japan and Avneesh from India
... sent explicitly to Taiwan, japan, Korea, and the whole WG

Daihei: good meeting, thanks to tzviya
... Florian made active discussion
... a separate meeting with Florian Yoshi Daihei and othe from Japan
... and Japan pub Industry how the groups work
... planned

liisamk_: with Daihei and Luc, RS system expectation on how to manage popup

Topic update CG MDN/Best practice

Rachel: examine documentation, MVP as epub docuemtn, epub sample

<scribe> … new documentation

MDN with contined work

<scribe> … Continued source of contribution

<scribe> … new material, contributors from WW Norton, PRH, …

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: first deadline iin a month, deliver the MVP, then MDN review

liisa: « What is EPUB »
... take back to teh BG a request to look about, and give priorities?

tzviya: important to remenber only what is in the EPUB spec itself.
... html, css are what people ask
... there are other platform about taht , pointing to other knowledge bas, like a11y
... MDN not interested to duplication
... interoperabilty?
... epubtest.org, but ho to accomplish, should be simple
... MDN says it needs to maintanble

George: who is the audience for MDN
... taht repo will focus on what is unqiue to EPUB: nav, metadat, navigation to pages
... epubtest.org is being reveised to focus on a11Y pices
... happy to include some mainstream things, but inactove for years
... marisa workin on it

Rachel: epubtest update, primary place for interoperabiliy focus
... any project like this is difficult
... so many people to build EPUB without understanding how they work
... more fruitfull on people needing for basic building

wendyreid: a single source for docuemntation
... MDN , epubtest, is better tahn Kobo and other having their own

Bill_Kasdorf: on call yestarday, how valuable for developers
... lokks like chaos for them

EPUB3.2 final report

liisamk_: converge with validation, how wrapup final changes in EPUB3.2

laudrain: still tweaks in teh spec?

Dave: feedback from EPUBCheck dev will be incorparate in teh spec
... 3 pieces : spec, EPUBCheck and RS support for EPUB3.2
... Garth, Wendy ?
... They say YES

Bill_Kasdorf: press release from RS in support of EPUB3?
... in BISG
... content committee should be revived
... Brian would support that, go to Joshua
... another would to publish the agreement as is
... put him in the conversation

George: contact Josh cc:Brin, encouraging to move to EPUB3.2

DAISY asked for implementing EPUB, they made a commitment to fix bugs

scribe: no timeframe, but the community new the implementers were supporting

Rachel: letter from Josh, bad tone, agressive, and not representing the BISG position

<liisamk_> +1 to Tzviya's comment

Rachel: asking it to be rewritten
... we rewrote the letter
... out of the BISG, from a single vendor doesn’t match the support of the community
... now valuable for us to encourage users for EPUB3, support from BISG amazing
... not reliable on only one person

Bill_Kasdorf: misunderstanding; redo all teh process?
... better to come form this group than from taht group
... tone encouraging, not agressive
... it should not out from one vendor, but from this group

Garth: ok with Bill_Kasdorf,
... statement that EPUB3.2 is the way to go, as EPUBCheck is the way to go, bless the spec

<Ralph> [Ralph arrives very late]

Garth: ingest in Google Play, more endorsement when EPUBCheck is released

Dave: that letter was urging to move from EPUB2 to EPUB3
... make an EPUB3 that ingest in pipelines
... not overstate the changes from EPUB2
... The letter distorted the history of EPUB

wendyreid: more context, the tone was not good but the spirit was ok

<Bill_Kasdorf> +1 to Wendy

<Bill_Kasdorf> thanks for the clarification, Wendy

wendyreid: not enough good argument
... revision to the letter gave a better support

<garth> +1 to Wendy too

wendyreid: we should release that letter with a W3C intiative

<Rachel> excellent point Wendy - love the idea of the partnerships with various country orgs

tzviya: shift to the CG
... BISG announced in the past to support EPUB
... from W3C, testimonial from the community
... from publishers, Readium

laudrain: what about the EPUB2 Sunset document?

Liisa: people sayong they are commited to EPUB3.2

garth: ok

Liisa: rach to Brian to get the list
... EPUB2 sunset is active in this effort
... simultenously?
... Timeline

Bill_Kasdorf: the right direction
... should come from the BG

<liisamk_> +1 to the BG owning


<wendyreid> +1

Bill_Kasdorf: good example of the role of the BG

Topic blog post

liisamk_: list of topic and who takes which?

George: happy to take assigment on topic

liisamk_: list of blog post, to comunicate regularly
... a shared google sheet

tzviya: coodinate with COM team

Daihei: local meeting around TAPC, Keio and APL planning a publishing summit
... event in Japan
... APL considering EPUBCheck funding

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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