Automotive Working Group Teleconference

08 Jan 2019



Ted, Hira, Guru, Adam, Magnus, Benjamin, Glenn, Wonsuk, Tim, Ulf, Isaac_Agudo, PatrickL, Laurent, Ryan, Harjot, Peter


Isaac tells us about his current work and security background

[groups introduces themselves]

PatrickL reviews some logistics for Isaac

Current Spec Status

PatrickL: open question to group, should we use generation_two for next gen spec or gh-pages

<PatrickLue> https://github.com/w3c/automotive/tree/gh-pages?/spec

Ulf: default repo is gh-pages which is slightly more convenient

PatrickL: as I recall the argument for starting with generation_two was to avoid being on big stage until we were far enough along

Ted gives details on tooling and conventions

PatrickL: I will delete the generation_two branch and we'll go forward with gh-pages
... I see Ted merged Ulf's last pull request dealing with query requests

Ulf: in VISS we had wildcard mechanism to do search and ViWi the search mechanism is query based appending to URL path
... in my opinion both have value
... wildcard is very useful for getting signals from tree and query[string] useful for searches

<PatrickLue_> https://github.com/w3c/automotive/blob/gh-pages/spec/Vehicle%20Services%20Interface_Core.html

PatrickL: I would like everyone to review the changes and give the document itself a read
... please provide feedback to appropriate with "gen2" tag in issue comments, raising new issues as appropriate
... please create branches and pull requests for substantive changes

Next Generation Naming

PatrickL: too soon to give it a name? it might be more fitting later
... there are currently a few names flying around

<PatrickLue_> Current names in the air right now: RSI, VISS2, Gen2, Vehicle Service Interface

Ted suggests VISS2 to avoid confusion and increase adoption

Ulf: VISS2.0 is quite preferable but also agree we wait to ensure it is backward compatible
... we can use a temporary name and did so as I created documents but have no strong preference

PatrickL: other opinions?

Tim: maybe a project code name that would be easy for global search and replace

PatrickL: Gen2 would make a good placeholder

Ulf: agree with placeholder and encourage the next person to edit do so

PatrickL: I will do so with Gen2_Core spec

Implementation project update

PatrickL: has anyone got a start of the implementation project over the holidays?

Magnus/Ulf: maybe Peter can comment

Peter: I got a start with Go and it seems viable, small test to divide http and sockets

<Magnus> https://github.com/MEAE-GOT/W3C_VehicleSignalInterfaceImpl

Wonsuk: link please?

<Wonsuk> I am happy to be a member of contributor for that :)

Ulf: I ran into difficulty with the instructions on Ubuntu, it works on Mac though
... if you go to that repo you can see in the root README.md file some description of directory/convention/organization structure
... there is a designated playground and more serious server and client directories

Wonsuk: how can we handle VISS version 1 for test cases
... and want to know what the plan is for that

Adam: JLR is currently in the delivery stage and intend to deliver an implementation report

Wonsuk: can you give us any details ahead of time?

PatrickL: this will allow to graduate Candidate Rec

Ted: after this implementation report we should push to next stage - Proposed Rec
...we should ask Urata-san if we should fork his test cases or he would prefer to handle pull requests

Next call

PatrickL: we will have a Business Group topic on the next Working Group call for a proposal from JLR
... we will have a written description in advance of the call
... we will also look over Gen2 issues and pull requests. please let me know any topics you want to discuss


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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