Personalization Task Force Teleconference

07 Jan 2019


Becka11y, MichaelC, CharlesL, stevelee, Roy, Janina, Sharon
John, Thaddeus, Lisa
becka11y, sharon


<Becka11y> scribe: becka11y

Charles: quick review of Charles’ stories -
... reviews weather example

Janina: good example but weather type website is not a site that is likely to impement the personalization / simplification because these types of sites rely on advertising for revenue
... would be good to look for a government site

<stevelee> having problems :(

charles: difficulty understanding numbers example

becka11y: comments about symbols - believe they are user specific

Sharon: think that numberfree takes a text value

Janina: numbers for weather don’t correspond to numbers for blood pressure; don’t know how we normalize this

charles: writing these stories does force us to step back and look at the big picture rather than diving into the code

Janina: also need to be cross culturally sensitive

charles: use case severe speech and physical limitation

Janina: some confusion on how speech communication would affect the web interaction - so needs a bit more explanation

Sharon: seems like would need these tags on every web page for a symbol to be substituted ? So need to better understand how web /content developer would use this

Becka11y: but wouldn’t the uri be specific to the set? shouldn’t this be a standard text entry to specify the idea: homepage, boy, etc

Stevelee: believe the uri points to the symbol set

charles: we need better understanding how this will work

stevelee: seems like author needs to provide the alternative and author can’t be expected to know about symbol sets; so need specific user agent

<stevelee> For those able to access BBC - here's the history of Bliss symbols https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08y26qf

<stevelee> might prove useful background

Charles: having these cases reveals confusion and questions

Janina: this raises concerns and limitations with metadata approach

<CharlesL> scribe:sharon

Janina: Some smart combination of meta tags and AI to help deliver.

Charles: Different classifications for context to write the correct symbols
... We are running to this same problem with mathml
... If anyone could write more stories and add them to the use cases.
... This would help to uncover issues we might have.

Becka11y: Field under tokens duplicates autocomplete which is now part of WCAG 2.1

Charles: We need to take a look to see what is duplicate.
... We may want to clarify that for input fields we would use autocomplete and other use this.

<CharlesL> trackbot, end meeting

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