W3C Linked Data and Privacy Workshop PC & support

17-18 April 2018, WU Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Program Committee

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Member support

The following members have declared their support for the Workshop

A potential new member is Proximus/Belgacom.

As a member of the program committee of the Workshop on Privacy and Linked Data, your responsibilities will be to:

Set workshop topics, agenda, and format

Help finalize what topics we should consider core to this event, what topics are passable, and what is out of scope. These topics may emerge from discussion or submitted position statements.

Guide the agenda and workshop format to get the best possible outcome, to determine solid candidates for future incubation or standardization.

Solicit quality position statements

Identify key stakeholders and insightful individuals who are likely to productively participate, and encourage them submit position statements and to get in contact with the chairs for questions and deeper discussion.

More generally, circulate the Call For Participation to various contacts and communities to encourage submissions more widely.

Program Committee members are also invited to submit position statements, though this isn't necessary.

Review position statements

The due date for position statements is 27 May 2016. During the subsequent week and a half, we will ask each of you to review a subset of these position statements, note useful topics, express opinions about inviting the submitter, or declare any conflicting interests.

Position papers will be short, approximately 1500 words or less apiece, but there are only arrangements for 60 attendees, so we will need to make sure that we choose individuals with the most relevant proposals for discussion.

Attend the program committee telcons and participate on the mailing list

We will have approximately 4 one-hour planning telcons over the 8 weeks leading up to the workshop.

We will also have discussion on the public mailing list, public-privacy-ws at w3.org, which each member of the program committee will be subscribed to.

Your participation in these discussions is extremely important.

Attend the workshop

With a few notable exceptions, we expect everyone on the program committee to attend the workshop! Please make arrangements to be at the event 7-8 March 2018, at WU Vienna, Austria. If we are able to establish a video link to MIT in Cambridge/MA, USA, this will be noted here in time.

Guide discussions

At the workshop itself, we look to the members of the program committee to help guide the topic breakout sessions, to help summarize the discussions, and possibly to serve on a panel.