SRC and Payment Request Integration


The Web Payments Working Group is discussing and working with EMVCo to understand and help ensure compability between EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) and the Payment Request ecosystem.

This document is a draft. It does not represent consensus and may change at any time.

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Candidate Flow Diagrams


SRC Enrolment

Note: This diagram shows one way a user can enrol a card in the SRC system through a payment handler. A card may be enrolled through other channels (e.g., a Web site) or by other roles (e.g., a bank acting as a participating issuer).

SRC and Payment Request: Enrolment

SRC Card Metadata Registration with Mediator (Browser)

SRC and Payment Request: Registration


SRC and Payment Request: Transaction

Notes on EMV® 3-D Secure (3DS)

Risk analysis will likely play a role in every transaction. 3DS may play a part in risk analysis that happens during an SRC flow. If it does, it make take place at at various times, including "during Payment Request" or "after Payment Request."

The diagram above illustrates a flow where the merchant may request that 3DS be part of the Payment Request flow. There is still work to be done to define an interface for merchants that supports a variety of use cases. See the section 3.1 of 3-D Secure 2 with Payment Request API for more discussion.

Payment Method Ideas

Third-Party Payment Handler Ideas

Aggregation and display of SRC-enrolled cards by the browser/mediator

Just-In-Time Registration for an open payment method

Asynchronous Payment Handler Activities

Ecosystem of Payment Handlers

User Experience notes


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