WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

19 Dec 2018


tzviya, Judy, Joanmarie_Diggs, Jemma, W3C, shawn, stevelee, Charles_Lapierre, jeanne, Brent, CharlesL, Katie_Haritos-Shea, MichaelC, janina, Sharron, George
Jim, Kathy


<scribe> scribe: janina

Scribe, rrsagent, agenda, next meeting date

<Judy> agenda order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

jb: Proposes next meeting 16 January


Upcoming announcements & publications

janina: APA expects wide review publication of CAPTCHA update draft
... Mid January

CSUN meeting rooms, coordination

jb: Everyone who has requested space should be all set.

Question on next steps re food, etc.

jb: Contact me
... We are trying to keep all arrangements mediated through our group

js: Notes no mail yet

jb: Yes, forwarding now--had old address

cl: Also me

jb: Note only sent to people who requested space
... CSUN has been renting pre-conference rooms this year ...
... So, also the single point of contact, though we need our own AV and catering arrangements
... So, CSUN Conference should be acknowledged as a host on the meeting page, etc
... Please advise me, or Michael if you need to talk about sponsors--AV, etc

mc: Cautions to double check on number of power strips as we typically get too few

jb: One plug per person

mc: Need to be distributed evenly around the room

jn: Notes that relies on not covering adjacent jacks

<Judy> projection, internet,

Workshops in the pipeline; inclusive virtual reality

jb: Any known need for assistive hearing?
... Inclusive means more than a11y here
... Early planning stage

jb; Wondering who's interested?

ts: Expect there may be interest among textbook publishers

cl: Definitely interested

jb: More likely to come up as "Inclusive XR"

<Judy> s/XVR/XR/

<Judy> Very early in the informal brainstorming process: https://gist.github.com/LJWatson/b535b30062ff681a56171582d15cbd72

Connections made on personalization & low vision user needs?

<Judy> topic is: Filling in missed workshop connection: strong authentication

Filling in missed workshop connection: strong authentication

jb: Since we were unable to get anyone there, or to present a paper, I've asked that we have the ability to followup in the report

Janina and Tzviya offered to help

data graphs workshop in berlin

<CharlesL> https://www.w3.org/Data/events/data-ws-2019/

cl: Discussed in our CG on data visualization--was news to people
... Have Euro members and we've reached out to them

jb: Notes deadlines for submissions not yet set; And workshop template has a11y issues

Previously deferred: RQTF update current & upcoming topics

gk: Notes I'm to set up a conf call on Chemistry
... Need to distinguish chem from math
... Also need to determine what can be done short term vs long term

jb: Also want to be in the loop on that

cl: We also will be involved, really need solutions

Connections made on personalization & low vision user needs?

cl: Reached out to Jim and Shawn, expect more availability in January
... We have created a short version of our vocabulary and will share with them

jb: Charles, can you update on Low Vision Personalization perhaps late February?

Previously deferred: RQTF update current & upcoming topics

Previously deferred: WG or TF updates (including new), or infoshare?

Janina: Spoken Pronunciation TF (in APA) will be starting work in January

<tzviya> http://www.w4a.info/2019/

janina: Will start with Use Cases and Requirements then Gap Analysis.
... Work Statement is here:


cl: Notes Web4All including a Code Spring following
... Paper deadline January 27

mc: Also working on a paper for Web4All
... Not sure under what auspices

jb: Anything else for today?

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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