05 Dec 2018


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Dave_Raggett, Taki_Kamiya, Zoltan_Kis, Michael_Lagally, Michael_Koster, Kunihiko_Toumura, Toru_Kawaguchi, Yosuke_Nakamura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Tetsushi_Matsuda, Tomoaki_Mizushima
McCool, Matthias


<scribe> scribenick: kaz

Quick update

Kaz: scripting and security have been also published

Scripting API published: https://www.w3.org/TR/2018/WD-wot-scripting-api-20181129/

Security Note published: https://www.w3.org/TR/2018/NOTE-wot-security-20181203/

Kaz: checking with Wendy about the procedure

Lagally: W3C organization procedure
... CfP site
... once the procedure is clarified, Sebastian and I can start to work

McCool: how many W3M meetings within this year?

Kaz: probably this week, next week and in 2 weeks

McCool: ok

Next f2f

McCool: doodle poll to decide the dates


McCool: no strong preference
... but Matthias is not on this poll

Matthias: note that the 2nd candidate will be not available
... now 2 options: 28 jan-2 feb / 11 feb-16 feb
... as for myself, still need clarification
... first one is good and already confirmed

McCool: in that case, why don't we simply go for the first option
... 28 Jan-2 Feb

Matthias: would like to double check if anybody important is missing here

McCool: anybody obviously missing?

Matthias: have to check with Daniel
... and maybe Zoltan?

Zoltan: guess I'll participate remotely

McCool: why don't we send a reminder to people to ask to respond by Friday?
... Matthias, do you want to send it?

Matthias: can send it out
... and everyone, please check anyone important is missing

New security document

McCool: started to think about new documents
... to be referred to from the implementation report
... should be W3C Notes
... relatively easy to update (than REC track docs)
... WG Note or IG Note?
... want to put this on the table
... would like to ask people for opinions
... any opinion at the moment?


TestFest logistics

McCool: details to be discussed during the test call later
... but we'll replace all the WoT calls next week
... Monday: scripting and security to be used
... Wednesday: Editors, Main call and Testing
... Friday: TD slot for follow up of results
... important topics can be quickly discussed during the main call slot
... but we should focus on testing
... we've decided to call this effort "TestFest" rather than "PlugFest"
... logistics page: https://github.com/w3c/wot/tree/master/testfest/2018-12-online/
... still empty
... we can talk about the details during the next hour
... any comments?


McCool: main homework is making your systems up-and-running
... I'll try to work on VPN setting as well
... make sure your systems will work as the previous one
... regarding the GitHub repo
... thought there was some specific branch for TD, e.g., Lyon
... but seems it's gone...

Matthias: would be better to use tags
... not sure if someone has removed the branches

McCool: looking at the published version

TD Working Draft published on 21 Oct 2018

Kaz: that one was published during the PlugFest at Lyon Univ.
... so should be the same as the one we used for the PlugFest

Matthias: should use this then

McCool: added some stuff to the table
... should check to make sure
... script to be back to the branch
... if someone can dig it up and tag up, would be great

Matthias: changes are minimum
... the spec changes, I mean

Kaz: if you want, I can get a diff version between this published version and the current updated TD on GH

McCool: would be good
... the question is how stable this GH version is
... what's the status of node-wot?

Matthias: we take the Editor's draft snapshot for the testing?

McCool: can create a tag for the current Editor's draft

Matthias: you can merge your changes for testing directly to the master branch
... and then tag it

Kaz: maybe you can add (1) a tag right now and (2) another tag after adding testing update

McCool: will do that later

Kaz: and meanwhile I can get a diff version as well

McCool: ok
... we'll start the TestFest on Monday, Dec. 10 during the usual Scripting slot

Kaz: we can use the first slot of the day for 2 hours or 3 hours
... e.g., scripting webex for monday and editors webex for wednesday

IG draft charter

<mkovatsc> https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues/599

Matthias: summarized the changes
... introduction
... scope
... items done
... and new items from the list McCool pasted
... consumer, industrial and smart cities scenarios
... simplified APIs
... hypermedia concepts for complex action/events
... having a lifecycle on their own
... overall secury Thing lifecycle
... and Mid term
... evaluate new semantic technology features
... Long term
... same
... deliverables
... still fuzzy

<mkovatsc> https://w3c.github.io/wot/charters/wot-ig-2019.html

Matthias: (shows rendered version)
... text on the mission
... there is already the WG
... GH to contribute
... 1 Jan 2019 as the start date
... and 30 June 2021
... not sure about the Chairs
... what about the Team Contacts?

Kaz: at the moment we can simply keep it as well empty
... we can mention our proposed Chair/Team Contacts in our email when we send this draft charter to the W3M

Matthias: need to check within the company

McCool: also need to check
... but can put my name here

Matthias: would like to nomination process as Kaz mentioned

McCool: that's fine
... management interface for security?
... being generic supporting services

Matthias: ok

McCool: architectural support
... WoT infrastructure supporting services
... can give some generic statement
... let's keep it generic
... Mid term?

Matthias: roughly done by the current WG items
... end up the WG or not

McCool: any ideas?

Lagally: 2 issues
... need to look into interoperability
... we are currently defining a tool box
... many things are open and not defined -> no interoperability guarantee
... what we should do
... define a profile using REST/HTTP
... could be other profiles as well
... e.g., resource constrained devices
... what would be the interoperability in that case?
... some alternatives?
... we should also consider 1.1 version kind of extension
... enhancing interoperability by defining profiles

Matthias: adds that

Lagally: and
... on the new IG term: some other companies may want to have the opportunity to nominate somebody
... would make sense
... e.g., 2 weeks nomination period

Matthias: yeah
... agree
... we already have candidates who are willing
... and would like to see if anybody else is interested

Kaz: please note that having 3 co-Chairs might be too much, one or two would be better

Matthias: agree
... (and then shows the current Charter)
... actually, the current IG Charter is already an extended one

Kaz: ah
... can add one more line
... will check the history again

Matthias: also wondering about how to describe "deliverables"
... we can start with topics rather than document titles
... so far the feedback is quite small
... maybe we can send an announcement to the public IG list to ask for opinions

McCool: sounds good
... anything else?


McCool: will convene in 10 mins
... on the PlugFest/Test webex


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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