XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

14 Nov 2018



Alain, Erik, Philip, Steven
too, few, to, mention


ACTION-2207: Merge <signal/> into <dispatch/>


Steven: Comments?

Erik: I need to contemplate more.
... the problem of naming we can figure out.

Steven: That's OK, we can think about it for a week.

ACTION-2206: Propose text for using mirroring for <control/>


Steven: So Erik, you think @ref is good, but that it should use a single node.

Erik: How we do it, if you point ot a node X, it has to be an element, and the content of that element is mirrored into the root element of an instance in the embedded form.
... Mirroring would be harder if you mirrored more than one element
... you could imagine using a targetref.

Steven: How do you specify which instance?

Erik: The embedded form has a special attribute on the mirrored instance
... the simplest thing is to use @ref, pointing to a single element, the content of which gets mirrored with the content of the root element of the marked instance (or the first instance if none is marked).
... another way is to say the element is mirrored as well (with attributes and name)
... I'm not arguing one way or another
... mirroring the content allows the both forms to be in control of the name of the element.

Alain: Sounds good to me.

Steven: I'll write text based on this for us to discuss.

ACTION-2197: Send example of idref identification


Steven: So you have found a counter-example
... I'll try and find text that covers all the cases.
... Your example, the setfocus would change the index. The question that arises for me is if activating an event handler in a repeat should change the index as well.

Erik: The repeat index is primarily a result of the UI, I don't think event handlers therefore should change the index.

trackbot, close ACTION-2197

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2197.

Tree traversal


Steven: I don't really have any concrete suggestions, but I'd like it to be easier than it is now. I liked Alain's suggestion of using descendents, but the code is still a bit weird.

Erik: I'd like more time to think about it.

Steven: Sure

ACTION-2196: Spec up collapsing sections


Steven: In progress

ACTION-2193: Propose text separating the two cases of id



Steven: Reactivated following Action-2197
... All the other items are in progress.


Steven: A month to the XML Prague deadline.

Erik: Are you going?

Steven: I am.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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