Clreq Editors' Call

14 November 2018

Meeting minutes

Go through the issue and pull request list



xfq__: OK to merge?

bobbytung: seems fine to me.

Yijun: agreed.

xfq__: I'll merge it then.


xfq__: OK to merge too?


xfq__: I'll merge it then.



xfq__: it's some starter text provided by r12a

bobbytung: don't we already have this kind of text?

xfq__: I don't think we have covered all of these.

Yijun: How to translate "text decoration" into Chinese?

xfq__: the "JA embedded in ZH" case is not covered in the current document

xidorn: Do we have a section for mixed-language text?

Huijing: We have a Composition of Chinese and Western Mixed Text section
… but not for other languages (like Japanese)

Bobby: I suggest that we add a new section (3.1.8) for it

Huijing: I agree

bobbytung: I'll take this issue
… an alternative is to add it into § 3.1.2 Sizes and positions of Punctuation Marks, instead of adding a new section

Huijing: looks good to me

xfq__: agreed


bobbytung: #189 seems to be out of the scope of clreq

Huijing: Agreed.
… do we have text about list styling in clreq?

xfq__: #158 is somewhat related

xidorn: I think we should add some text about list styling

xfq__: is it related to UTS #10?

xidorn: it doesn't look like so

bobbytung: I'd mention sorting by Pinyin, Zhuyin, and stroke count
… we don't sort based on encoding


xfq__: r12a provided some starter text


bobbytung: can we close this issue?

All: agreed.


bobbytung: We have text for this now. Closing.


xidorn: I linked to mlreq in the issue

Huijing: suggest that we close this


xidorn: Wikipedia says 示亡号 is from Russian

Huijing: https://‌www.guokr.com/‌question/‌523659/ says Russian doesn't seem to have this punctuation (if it's a kind of punctuation)
… Eric mentioned that the General Rules for Punctuation National Standard doesn't contain 示亡号
… so should we add this to clreq?

xfq__: I think we should add it, since it's not very uncommon

bobbytung: we can add it, and mention that it is not in the national standard


bobbytung: https://‌github.com/‌bobbytung/‌Bopomofo_on_Web


bobbytung: I think we can close this issue (#51) now.
… do we really need to add this in clreq?
… jlreq doesn't have "⁈" and "⁉".

xidorn: I think we need to mention the issue in vertical text

bobbytung: jlreq only mentions this in https://‌w3c.github.io/‌jlreq/#cl-04

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December 19, Wed, 19:00-20:00 (UTC+8)

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