Silver Community Group Teleconference

30 Oct 2018


Cyborg, Makoto, LuisG, KimD, JF


Update from the W3C TPAC conference

jeanne: enthusiastic and positive comments during TPAC, and contacted by Access Board
... some concern that conformance was not further along
... received practical suggestions for rulesets and how things can be tested vs tests themselves

New slide deck with updated Conformance prototype details

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YGwCbQ1xXILFihGl4YzHuvmiheDxtkge5V7fD7-t_sM/edit#slide=id.g4672a50df4_0_133

jeanne: there was concern that we were just plugging wcag into silver

“silver is not a silver bullet”

<LuisG> JR we're looking at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YGwCbQ1xXILFihGl4YzHuvmiheDxtkge5V7fD7-t_sM/edit#slide=id.g4672a50df4_0_133

jeanne: this deck helps everyone find links to learn more, dive deeper, or contribute
... flattening the structure and tagging content is the general agreed direction for information architecture
... the WG was very interested in how wcag principles and SC are retained. no objections on methods.
... there was a LOT of discussion on finding ways to keep the wcag numbering. assurance was provided that numbers would be retained as tags.
... it was made clear that the scope goes beyond web content

<Cyborg> Did you raise issues of task-based and project/overall guidance?

john f: home automation is a good use case to cover things that are web based with an ecosystem beyond a browser

john k: agree. especially for cognitive and speech

jeanne: the information architecture prototype is on Mike Crabb’s git hub account. uses a functioning API but has limited bandwidth.
... the WG was enthusiastic about the goals of the plain language prototype
... plain language style guide will be on agenda Friday

<jeanne> https://w3c.github.io/silver/prototypes/PlainLanguage2/SectionHeading.html

jeanne: it was made clear that there is technical language that still needs work in prototype
... the prototype itself – planning tab – emphasizes that accessibility needs to be addressed early in a project (shift left)
... the prototype includes links to wcag and EO content
... within the conformance prototype, the bronze silver gold has a greater global understanding than A, AA, AAA

the conformance model is still getting a lot of great discussion

Cybelle: the methods should have 3 layers like the other 2 columns

jeanne: if we start with test (test-driven), we can discover the edge / stress cases, and THEN make a guideline that can be tested and should be easy to test

<Cyborg> This is the person who talks about Social Return on Investment (SROI) in relation to disability, who would be good to speak with about conformance: http://www.rod-group.com/meet-team

jeanne: the example test exposes needs for user agents to meet the guidance
... similarly, authoring tools should enable setting language

we have to define “task-based”

john f: methods in conformance need to scale

jeanne: people try to game systems. silver conformance is vulnerable to this.
... the point system would be supported by an algorithm
... functional performance and human needs are part of conformance, but must not have the same point values.
... the lowest score determines the total score. achieving 20 gold and 1 bronze = a bronze total.

cybelle: people that span multiple categories of needs actually have a compound need.
... process is as useful to consider as outcome

that may require some explicit definition. process has a very broad and ambiguous use.

<Cyborg> what i was suggesting is that with multiple disabilities, barriers can be greater than the sum of their parts. and so by only looking at individual disabilities, we can miss things.

kim: this may bias ability to score when the site is very limited in scope

<Cyborg> also cognition is so complex in terms of needs - can include so many different things

jeanne: we got interest in volunteering.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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