Accessibility Communications

24 Oct 2018


Roy, Yefeng_Xia, Baoping_Cheng, Ruijie, George, JF, gpellegrino


Accessibility Communications

Baoping: I come from China Mobile.
... in 2017, we proposed WEB 5G A11y issues in SF
... we hope to promote the standardization of web accessibilty
... we launch a survey, call "hejia phone"
... we can move the calling function into device,.
... hejia phone can cover intelligent terminal, and a lot of famous brand in China, we also call it MTK
... The technology supports multiple forms of terminals
... we launched a survey in October
... our project will benefit 5 million people in China.
... family communication tool oriented by family-type large screen
... also it could work on TV and mobile
... it also could use for 2D / 3D Dynamic Tags, Special Expression Effects and Magic Background
... interactive game, like virtual nerighbors.
... now we have 27 million users, and cover 28 province in China.
... we also have a HDC-32A camera to use for video call
... next step, we continue to search on gesture recognition, natural language processing, high-definition audio and video, etc

[video example]

scribe: voice speaker with AI

[change the channel with gesture example]

scribe: in our plan, we want to develop the device, with voice control and camera.
... the camera use for detect the sign language.
... the voice is to collect the voice to transfer to work.

JF: we see similar device from US, what the different between your product with theirs.

Baoping: every speaker have a unique number with mobile, also the home device could use the same phone number.
... China mobile is telecom company, we could do much better in communications.
... also we do some survey in China

George: what is the commercial strategy for product?

Baoping: users need pay for the services with lower fees. also we have some support in costs.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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