XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

24 Oct 2018



Erik, Philip, Steven


XML Prague

Steven: XML Prague has just announced its call for papers, deadline Dec 6, http://www.xmlprague.cz/cfp/.

Why do the xforms-select and xforms-deselect elements bubble?


Steven: So Erik, you think it makes sense.

Erik: It's pretty much OK for any event to bubble; not even sure what the rationale would be for not bubbling!
... There are definitely benefits.
... At least 3.
... The original question was about being targeted to select and case, same event name.
... You can use context information to make the decision

Steven: So leave as is.

Erik: I'm not sure we have enough context information in XForms

Steven: Don't we just add information? Oh no.

<ebruchez_> For all events we have: targetid, type, bubbles, cancelable, phase, observerid, and a few more

Steven: ... nor does XML Events mention any available context
... Are you suggesting we add that?

Erik: We certainly use context information
... we should look at DOM Events in HTML

<ebruchez_> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Event

Steven: XML Events is only syntax around DOM events.

Erik: That link lists properties that we should expose.

<ebruchez_> local-name(event(‘currentTarget’))

Erik: we could use XPath functions to discover the element name

Steven: So is this a new work item?

Erik: It is useful.
... We should ask Alain.
... (If he uses extra information).

<scribe> ACTION: Steven to investigate the easiest way of adding more context information to events

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2203 - Investigate the easiest way of adding more context information to events [on Steven Pemberton - due 2018-10-31].

ACTION-2196: Spec up collapsing sections


Steven: No progress




Steven: Is the use case not covered by xforms-ready?

Erik: I guess. But the benefit is you can do it right as it arrives.
... it's not a huge use case.

Steven: There's not much you can do before xforms-ready

Erik: On occasions we have done things, also after model-construct-done

Steven: Is this only for @src, or @resource as well?

Erik: @resource as well.

<scribe> ACTION: Steven to add xforms-submit-done to instance/@src and @resource.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2204 - Add xforms-submit-done to instance/@src and @resource. [on Steven Pemberton - due 2018-10-31].

ACTION-2198: Propose text for selecting items from a nested bind



Erik: I think this reduces the surprise element
... a simple change

Steven: Which is a more natural result.

Erik: It's not backwards compatible, but I can't imagine anybody wanting what it now does.

<scribe> ACTION: Steven to incorporate Erik's text from ACTION 2198

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2205 - Incorporate erik's text from action 2198 [on Steven Pemberton - due 2018-10-31].

ACTION-2197: Send example of idref identification


Erik: In progress

ACTION-2193: Propose text separating the two cases of id



Erik: I need another week.

Steven: OK, please make it a priority!

State change events


Steven: In progress

The control Element


Steven: Most of it is there, ready for checking
... by next week it will all be done.

Test Suite 2.0


Steven: Nothing to report.





Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Steven to add xforms-submit-done to instance/@src and @resource.
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to incorporate Erik's text from ACTION 2198
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to investigate the easiest way of adding more context information to events

Summary of Resolutions

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