WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

10 Oct 2018


(no, one), shawn, tzviya, Joanmarie_Diggs, MichaelC, jeanne, janina, Judy, jamesn, Katie_Haritos-Shea


<shawn> the backstory http://www.uiaccess.com/embracing-carrots.html

scribe, rrsagent, agenda, next meeting date

<scribe> scribe: MichaelC

Next meeting: 7 November 2018

update on pre-CSUN 2019 meeting space

Looking into space for 3 WGs to meet at CSUN location before formal conference

looks promising but don´t expect confirmation until later


slh: should be fine; I´ll still need to confirm food etc.

jb: great if you can find sponsors for other costs
... jeanne, michael?

mc: we´ve scrambled on shorter notice than that before, so think ok

slh: 10-12

jb: jeanne, is this different from last year´s design sprint?

js: yes, expect 10

jb: could it go up if certain things happen?

js: figure the added numbers would go to ag wg

jb: do you need the overlap and draw off from each other?
... mc, numbers for ag wg?

mc: haven´t asked

<shawn> EOWG f2f CSUN estimates 10 people

js: don´t think Silver will draw off AG, we tried last time and people prioritized AG

jb: maybe AG can get other TFs to float

<Ryladog> Three rooms would be great

by shortening Silver meeting and having a floating space

mc: Silver and AG each want 2 days

js: remember they´re still pretty separate groups at this point

<Ryladog> Hi, sorry I am late

last checks pre-TPAC

jb: registration closed, any last-minute issues?

joint meetings lined up?

janina: not set up on a horizontal review summit

MC been working on that team-side, minimal progress

<jamesn> Registration closes on Oct 14 so not closed yet

jb: who are you waiting on? <names half of w3m as possibilities>

mc: sent outline to Ralph, he wanted to give feedback before sending to architecture

at this point, I plan to stick into session ideas wiki, he can clean up if needed

gk: plan to coordinate some publishing stuff

jb: anything I can help?

gk: solve math on the web

seriously, we want to work on horizontal review, math, personalization

jb: ?? horizontal review

gk: obtaining horizontal review of Publishing WG work

ts: but that´s not a session

jb: issue is you haven´t had horizontal review, for instance for privacy and security?

gk: yes

jb: it´s not on Rec track so don´t have process to catch

janina: there´s a CG working on math

stuff on knowledge domain

working on a couple other meetings

jb: so I´m hearing a broad scope, including architecture of personalization

Ralph should follow up as well

any other TPAC things?

upcoming publications & announcements

jb: anything before TPAC?

janina: Personalization stuff - two FPWD of modules, and two updated WDs

mc: AccName to PR

jb: status?

mc: have ARIA WG approval, have to send transition requests

<Judy> jb: please copy me on the transition question so that I'm in the loop

mc: also plan ARIA 1.2 updates immediately after TPAC

janina: COGA has a FPWD of a fork from a split

jb: understand there was confusion about how to title it, is it being sorted?

janina: making progress, but not at conclusion

jb: some of the concerns from AG WG?

janina: yes; hope Alastair will help avoid

also worried about usability of docs; MC also raised that

jb: details?

janina: Alastair reformatted, I haven´t reviewed yet

asked MC to re-engage

there are some huge tables that won´t fit on a page unless you shrink font unreasonably

not expecting anything before TPAC

jb: anything else on pubs; and remember to prepare announcements for any publications, with a heads up for review

Discussion: Knowledge Domain Accessibility https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-cc/2018Oct/0000.html

<janina> https://github.com/w3c/apa/issues/9

jb: ^ describes space and potential solutions

js, your goals?

janina: hope the description is good, otherwise need to tighten

want to determine if this is something we could productively work on

ts: have discussed in publishing

this isn´t just a11y, we deal with these sorts of content representation challenges in publishing al ot

like the approach of trying to address via existing technologies

maybe we can address by approaching as SVG and CSS and using image accessibility techniques

<Ryladog> This is a significant issue IMHO

jb: anybody thinking there are already mechanism we can use?

gk: <static>text<static>tzviya said

jb: hearing it is an issue, and we don´t have a mechanism, have a small funding to diagram center to work on it

I think this description is clear and succint

trying to think if ready for broader circulation

perhaps messaging that we´re trying to figure out best architecture

janina: at bottom

jb: that´s hidden

too many this´s and thats

janina: was being caution after the XHTML Wars

jb: want a sentence like ¨we believe we need a mechanism to¨ <speaks too fast to catch the rest>

who do you want to talk to outside a11y?

janina: publishing for sure

not sure who else

jb: suggest Ralph

ts: need to sell to tool developers, e.g., Adobe InDesign, LaTeX tools, etc.

jb: what tools in that category?

ts: those are the biggies

also HTML authoring tools

things like MathJaax

could ask Math CG about that

jb: plan to spin up some more authoring tool activity

ts: also microsoft Word

gk: mainstream tools important because authoring is just as important as reading

<Judy> gk: microsoft doesn't even expose mathml at all. having a generalized solution would be good. it's not only the presentation and reading of the materials, but how you create it, the authoring process is tough work.

ts: going with a ¨please support X solution¨ might not win

but going in with ¨please use existing technology to X¨ might go better

jb: would ATAG help?

ts: don´t know

janina: expect we´ll discuss several times

EPub current questions

jb: from earlier discussion, heard question of how to obtain horizontal review for publishing

ts: GK working on ISO issue

EPub 3.2 is a community group doc, so formal horizontal review not happening

plan to send messages around for informal horizontal review

no plans to go to Rec track at the moment

janina: are there plans for a new synchronized audio / text markup?

ts: will look into that

janina: there are existing formats, wary of yet another one

jb: who wants to discuss knowledge domain more?

<tzviya> i'll participate

<Ryladog> +1

gk: interested

jb: will arrange offline discussion

see you at TPAC!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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