Online PlugFest - slot A

27 Sep 2018


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Takeshi_Sano, Itaru_Nakagawa, Kunihiko_Toumura, Toru_Kawaguchi, Takeshi_Yamada



Sano: no update this time
... from last night

Kaz: any plan to do today?

Sano: planning to fix the proxy bugs
... also connect to CoAP devices via node-red

Kaz: Intel, SmartThings and Siemens


Toru: currently, we have no major update
... wanted to let you know that our devices in Osaka are working well now
... got access request from Benjamin
... maybe he would try something related to automotive

Yamada: no update from last night

Toru: plan for today is make things available on cloud
... access from my client
... HTTP and possibly websocket

Kaz: what about CoAP connection

Toru: no


Koster: most of today made progress on getting local set up
... hoping VPN setup work with McCool
... expose OCF devices like IKEA light
... internet-reachable CoAP server would be useful to people?
... on track with MQTT stuff
... all the TDs should work
... need to look at it
... and then also building up the latest version of node-wot on raspberry pi
... use node-red as well
... IKEA and CoAP also
... good time to work with node-wot update

Kaz: any problem with node-wot?

Koster: communicate with siemens guys using telegram
... sent a lot of messages
... and working on preparation.md
... should be able to reach McCool at some point since it's already morning in Japan

Kaz: btw, have you put your ideas onto the spreadsheet?

Koster: good point
... will do that as well as preparation.md
... spreadsheet is easier to edit
... useful for frequent updates

Kaz: there are already several proposals on the "Heap" area
... e.g., Thursday B + 2 hours for OCF Devices - Intel, Siemens, Fujitsu and possibly SmartThings
... Michael, do you think you can join it?
... 2 hours later than the originally planned slot, would be 1am in US Pacific instead of 11pm

Koster: can run a client on raspberry pi
... may be some challenge but give it a try

Sano: one question
... Koster, your CoAP device can connect to the Internet. right?
... we can connect it via internet

Koster: would it be helpful if I provide CoAP endpoint for motion sensor, etc.
... they will be accessible via Internet directly

Sano: yes, very helpful
... please upload the TDs as well

Koster: ok

Kaz: tx
... btw, Michael, if you have any preference about the time, e.g., a bit later than the original plan, please specify that using the spreadsheet

Koster: ok
... may have a conflict, so will update the spreadsheet

Kaz: Japanese guys, also could specify your preferred times
... anything else for this call?


Kaz: next planned slot is "Slot B": 3pm JST, 11pm US Pacific, 8am EU
... but we may have another chat for OCF devices at 5pm JST, 1am US Pacific, 10am EU

Koster: ok
... will watch the discussions

[slot A adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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