WoT PlugFest/Testing

12 Sep 2018


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool, Kunihiko_Toumura, Daniel_Peintner(IRC), Michael_Koster, Matthias_Kovatsch, Toru_Kawaguchi, Takeshi_Sano


<inserted> scribenick: mjkoster

Siemens's security setting

McCool: what security protocols will be supported for consumed things?

Matthias: Basic, Bearer, Digest, and PSK for DTLS
... will provide an overview of protocol bindings and security bindings
... we can drive further additions with the online plugfest
... Siemens will provide the planning documents soon

McCool: need to define application scenarios, hopefully many small ones rather then a few big ones

Matthias: working on use cases in the Arch document that can drive these scenarios
... need to drop of now, apologies

<kaz> (Matthias leaves)

Agenda for today

McCool: agenda: refine the planning document
... are there any new additions?

Kawaguchi: made an update to the project planning document PR #534

<kaz> pr 534 by Toru

Takeshi: Fujitsu proxy provides the security for devices

Kaz: are there slides?

<kaz> (while Sano-san is looking for the slides, we can go through the README.md)

Kaz: meantime, can we look at the planning?

McCool: who plans to work on what projects?

Fujitsu presentation

Sano: presentation on the proxy security
... The proxy can provide security for devices that don't natively provide security
... the proxy provides authentication for users

McCool: does the TD get updated to add the new security metadata?

<inserted> sano: Fujitsu's remote proxy adds ["scheme": "basic"] if there is no security specified in the TD for the device

McCool: empty list is not allowed because scheme:nosec is required to generate the RDF metadata
... is there a Thing Directory that TDs are retrieved from?
... there may be a change in the security making thing-level security declaration mandatory

<kaz> TD issue 230 about Thing level security (for next iteration)

<kaz> mccool: can you provide these slides?

<kaz> kaz: maybe Sano-san can update fujitsu-preparation.md or README.md with this idea and example TDs

McCool: make a sub directory to add the figures and link to them from the .md file

Online PlugFest preparation document

* What is the schedule for online plugfest slots? who can make it when?

<kaz> fyi, the rendered version of README.md (/plugfest/2018-sept-online/README.md)

McCool: (filling out the table)

* Projects and goals for the testing section

Koster: is semantic testing part of testing or part of semantics?

McCool: (filling in the table)
... each group should indicate what they are going to do
... tactics rather than logistics

* Scenarios

McCool: we should have many small scenarios instead of a few large ones

Lagally: they need to be large enough to show an application

McCool: adding some categories to the scenarios e.g. enterprise integration
... fleet management

Lagally: supply chain management?

* Logistics

McCool: still working on a VPN for local networks but the VPN is not required
... the focus should be on reachable devices with security

* Is there anything else we need to consider for the plugfest?

<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to mention this document would provide good input for our "brief description" about WoT for marketing purposes as well

Kaz: we could reuse some of this material in the marketing to illustrate use cases and examples

Lagally: will try to clean up the examples as they are added

* What is the schedule for Plugfest kickoff? First meeting may be the "B" slot of the first day

McCool: please edit the page and make PRs as needed
... can we create webex meeting slots for the Plugfest week, using the existing meetings
... adjourned

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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