Silver Community Group Teleconference

21 Aug 2018


LuisG, AngelaAccessForAll, Lauriat, shari, Jan, jeanne, MikeCrabb, Charles, kirkwood
Shawn, jeanne
jeanne, Luis


CSUN face to face

<LuisG> Shawn: Having a meeting at CSUN. We have the potential to get a room at the conference hotel.

<LuisG> .. we could do 1-day or 2-days before CSUN starts. But before making a decision, let's decide what we want to accomplish.

<LuisG> .. CSUN is at the end of March.

<LuisG> .. oh, it's March 11 to 15th

<Lauriat> Conference site: http://www.csun.edu/cod/conference/2018/sessions/index.php/

<Lauriat> March 11 to March 15, 2019 Anaheim Marriott Anaheim, CA 92802

<LuisG> Shawn: We should be in the middle of content creation. We may want to say 2 days. But it could also depend on people's ability to be there both days.

<LuisG> I would be able to make it both days.

<LuisG> Jeanne: I will plan to be there both days. A great opportunity to get a lot of work done. And a lot of fun.

<KimD> 2019 link: http://www.csun.edu/cod/conference/2019/sessions/index.php/

<LuisG> .. should we set a deadline of two weeks to be able to say who is going or interested in going? It would be good to get a count to know how big of a room we'd need.

<LuisG> Shawn: We could send an email to the list to get an idea of who might attend.

<LuisG> Jan: If we were going to do a 2-day meeting, Sunday/Monday would work better for me because I have a Tuesday activity planned

<LuisG> Jeanne: Yeah, we should ask in an email when people would be available.

<Charles> I do not yet know if I am able to attend CSUN 2019. I likely won’t know until January.

<LuisG> Jeanne: It's usually easier to get funding to go if you've got a paper accepted to present.

<LuisG> .. it's a good opportunity for people to present on the work you're doing for Silver.

<LuisG> .. Shawn and I, we could also do a "here's an overview of Silver"

<LuisG> .. when we speak at conferences, we get a lot of attendance...especially from PWD

<LuisG> Shawn: I'll send out a general invite out to get an idea of how many might be able to attend and which days would work for holding it.

<kirkwood> google ;)

<KimD> Science/Research call for papers info: https://www.csun.edu/cod/srjcfp/overview.php

CSUN papers due soon!

Plain language translation of WCAG prototype

<LuisG> Shawn: I know last week we didn't have much movement, but wanted to check in on where things are and where things are going.

<kirkwood> can you put link to it in IRC?

<LuisG> Jeanne: There's a lot of new stuff and people have been working on it, I'm looking at getting rid of the flavor prototype for plain language..

<LuisG> .. I think we should just go back to the Google Doc. It's easier for everyone working on it to update.

<mikeCrabb> https://drive.google.com/file/d/10OgYFsH4U_IWFU3-n-_9mBtz_SerU9xq/view

<kirkwood> Thanks!

<LuisG> .. Angela, anything you can report on from last week?

<LuisG> AngelaAccessForAll: The last work I did was to update the Google Doc with the latest content I had, but haven't seen anything else come in.

<LuisG> .. if there is new content, I'm happy to update it

<LuisG> Shawn: I know on Friday Kelsey volunteered to help with the plain language translation work.

<LuisG> Kelsey: I think we need to move forward with the actual translation and decide on what methodology we want to use and do that

<LuisG> Jeanne: Has anyone seen if we've gotten results from the Google surveys we sent out?

<AngelaAccessForAll> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DvMcgEqUDY0_13hqJeeGpYHa1gX4YCK0sVBvahodERc/edit?usp=drive_web

<LuisG> Kelsey: I can drop the link in IRC.

<LuisG> Jeane: We asked some of the working groups for feedback.

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DvMcgEqUDY0_13hqJeeGpYHa1gX4YCK0sVBvahodERc/edit#responses

<LuisG> Jeanne: That should be the responses link.

<LuisG> .. we should take a look at this for Friday. And start making a direction for next steps and then we'll have more for Friday.

CSUN papers due soon!

Information Architecture prototype

<LuisG> Shawn: In last weeks discussion we decided to prioritize this for TPAC and for some of the other prototypes depending on it.

<Charles> I REALLY want to work on a prototype and unfortunately have had zero time :(

<LuisG> mikeCrabb: I've worked on it a little, but I think we need someone to grab it by the scruff of the neck and do something with it.

<LuisG> .. but I should have some time to do more with it

<LuisG> .. I'll try to put together a brief 2-pager something that we can pass around

<Charles> I have an idea to create a derivative of the map concept: http://intopia.digital/articles/intopia-launches-wcag-2-1-map/

<LuisG> Charles: The idea is to reorient the map based on context, for example "role"

<LuisG> .. instead of POUR, you change it based on the role and the content changes around it

<LuisG> mikeCrabb: The tagging engine will need to be really tight within the Information Architecture

<LuisG> Jeanne: Do tagging engines exist in open source?

<LuisG> mikeCrabb: Something along the lines of creating a table within a database that links to every aspect of what we create

<LuisG> .. and apply weightings as needed

<LuisG> .. maybe an afternoon to complete once we have a structure in place

<LuisG> Jeanne: Just wondering what the underlying things we need to negotiate server space/support for.

<LuisG> .. I want to keep that in mind. Please keep me in the loop.

<LuisG> mikeCrabb: We need a plan of what we really really want and get an idea of what we can get.

<LuisG> Jeanne: But it'll take time.

Flavor prototype

<LuisG> Jeanne: I'll look to see if we've gotten any feedback on it. Can someone look to see if we have any Github issues?

<LuisG> mikeCrabb: no responses to the form

<LuisG> Shawn: No github issues

<LuisG> mikeCrabb: Once we have an architecture, we can do something more substantial with the flavor prototype

<jeanne> No responses to the Google Form on Flavor. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1A3YCt85sXXMc5fPGJ_jC0XandkiYisWEpyNWG70w4CI/edit

<LuisG> .. the way it's running, it's only dealing with the far end of WCAG, so it's only looking at conformance methods and we want to show other things as well

<Charles> back to the map idea, this is a quick tagged outline that I used internally: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bl4rsGuqd5K3gMsypBg8-wZJE8SaT3th/view?usp=sharing

<LuisG> Charles: We can share this information. My agency has a pretty robust accessibility plan.

<LuisG> Jeanne: We should also tag by disabilities served for the individual success criteria. I'll look for resources for that; because I know they exist.

<LuisG> Charles: I've added some to the Google sheet of disabilities, but haven't aligned it to WCAG success criteria

<Charles> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12wcZh1SgnL52Sz6gYHoLKyWQi5viAMv28kmgnOv06-k/edit?usp=sharing

<LuisG> .. it's from a bunch of different places, there is a resources tab

Conformance model prototype

<jeanne> scribe: jeanne

Luis: Cybele and I met. We decided to drop P4 and only have priority 1-3
... we want accountability for people following the spirit of WCAG
... debating whether people should get points 1-3 or should we give points for using people with disabilities in testing for usability.
... we talked about the ease of fixing. Cybele thought we should delete it, because it is subjective and vulnerable to have being manipulated.
... we didn't have time to try the specific scoring system.
... Cybele got a list of sites the people with disabiltities like and don't like through her social network.

Jeanne: That's good progress. LEt's meet this week.

Luis: We could use a couple of automated tool and small set of manual checks to evaluate those sites - 20 minutes - and then score them using the new method.

Meaningful Involvement

<scribe> scribe: Luis

<LuisG> Shawn: Cybele is working on it, feel free to reach out to her about it.

<Charles> I will miss Friday as well. travelling.

Jeanne: Task Force members please respond to the AGWG email on process.


scribe: It is part of Meaningful Involvment.

<kirkwood> will do

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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