Silver Community Group Teleconference

27 Jul 2018


AngelaAccessForAll, Jemma, Charles, KimD, jeanne, Lauriat, kirkwood, mikeCrabb, LuisG, Jan
jeanne, Shawn


<Charles> sorry. resolved.

<scribe> scribe:Jemma

Recruiting outside prototypes (Charles Hall email https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-silver/2018Jul/0035.html)

charles: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-silver/2018Jul/0035.html

<Charles> http://code.viget.com/interactive-wcag/#role=&level=aa

<mikeCrabb> http://code.viget.com/interactive-wcag/#role=&level=aa

<jeanne> http://rishida.net/wcag/#_

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/International/techniques/authoring-html?collapse

<Lauriat> +1 to testing their prototypes and getting them involved!

<KimD> *It's webaim

luis: will there be a version similar to other w3c spec?

jeanne: yes
... static document, usable version of silver doc will be there so that people can find it.

<mikeCrabb> wcag https://github.com/w3c/silver/projects/1

<Charles> ideas: track the urls of prototypes; recruit the authors

<Lauriat> Nice! +1 to Mike's idea for tracking this progress.

jeanne: mike, can you look at the requirement doc whether you can see the change/feedback I made?

mikecrabb: yes

charles: having git hub for this is good so that we can market/socialize but we would need to have someone to review it.

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ZXrFRmkB0O-RvYWD-frzzWUBFskloI5immHBwx38W0/edit

crab: I think we can quickly go over this based on previous research.

<jeanne> New Prototype measuring font sizes http://nosetothepage.org/TextAccessibility/FontCompare.html

jeanne: if you are not comfortable with working with git, you can add info to the above google doc.

<Jan> I will help look at Wayne's prototype

jeanne: he would like to get some input regarding his new prototype measuring font size.

cibele: we can also look at other style guide examples too.

zkim, take up next

Usability Testing plan

jeanne: I do have an author who offered us to use their formal usability testing lab at the end of Sept.
... Shawn and I met Education Outreach Working group and EOW gave some suggestions.
... we can talk about this in detail at next meeting agenda

charles: Next thing to do is identifying / soliciting participants for the testing -rolling base usability testing.

jan: what kind of usability testing mix, lab testing or remote user testing, are you thinking?

jeanne: my thinking is starting remote feedback regarding our prototype and improve, then open to formal usability testing.

we need to consider geographic diversity too.

mikecrabb: I can help with that my lab and resource

cibele: Also I can help to reach the audience in Canada

mikecrabb: so usability testing on Sept is good since I will have returning students to participate the testing

<Jan> Yes, sorry ... I mistyped my caller ID#, so I think I am call-in user 2. Sorry, Jemma!

<Charles> I think there will be a broad mix of testing types. Moderated and unmoderated. Remote and lab. Flow; click; preference; tree; etc.

<Charles> for the IA and information design testing, I would include a tree test like: https://www.optimalworkshop.com/treejack

jeanne: Jennison sent an email regarding IA help to the group(?)

<Charles> anything moderated will need a moderator and a moderator guide

mikecrabb: we also have some prototype to look into.

jeanne: please contact/identify/gather usability experts to get help on usability testing.

jan: I would like to suggest adding meeting topic to talk about criteria for recruiting the participants and more.

<Charles> if we get the “other prototypes” project set up in GitHub, I will sociallize it

Questions for EO for Prototypes

jeanne: I shared require doc and three prototypes with EO group.
... there were suggestions regarding what to be evaluated or not

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DvMcgEqUDY0_13hqJeeGpYHa1gX4YCK0sVBvahodERc/edit

jeanne: I also work with angela what would be the possible questions regarding plain language,
... please share some feedback about this survey before we send this out to the list.

charles: how do we add feedback to the survey since the form would not allow adding comment?

lauriat: If it is simple comment, email will be fine. otherwise, we can use google doc.

Silver Requirements update action items

jeanne: jennison, Mike and I are working on each silver requirement doc.

<jeanne> Jennison has drafted a response

<jeanne> Mike and I did updates

Certification and labeling (https://github.com/w3c/silver/issues/19)

<jeanne> Add Certification and Conformance Claims to the Conformance prototype

<Jan> I would like to work on the concerns expressed by Mike Gower

jeanne: that will be great, Jan

shawn: this may be relevant to conformance model which Silver will end up.

<Jan> +1 to postponing that aspect of issue 19 until we have more guidance on how to address it.

Group talked about how to manage this feedback in git hub

so that the group can keep track of suggestions and feedback according to the timeline.

no problem.

RESOLUTION: Close Issue 19 as the Requirements document changes and open a new issue with the Conformance and Certification issues

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Close Issue 19 as the Requirements document changes and open a new issue with the Conformance and Certification issues
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