21 Jun 2018


kirkwood, JohnRochford, Glenda, Roy
alister, jan, shari
roy, JohnRochford


<Mark_Wilcock> @Lisa My current meeting is over running, I will try join when it is complete

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adding headings and voting on design requirments https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WcfVALVq8PS9CLXUuAfV9Op0wXvI2yJYedj5jO23GTk/edit#heading=h.729zggqj0s8d

Lisa: we will wait until next call to address document navigation
... about doc, likes John K's comments, and notes Jan asked for more headings

Lisa, Glenda, and John R agree "helps" is better than "benefits".

John K: I'm not sure we are capturing purpose.

Lisa: Do we prefer more details or more notes?

Glenda: We could add the word "optional" to each.

John K: We could add the word "suggestions" to each.

Correction - Lisa: Which phrase do we prefer, "more details" or "more notes".


John K: Expresses ambiguity.

John R: forced by Lisa, choosed "more details"


Lisa: "more details" it is!

John K: We should make sure breadcrumbs provides more detail than title, subtitle, heirarchy.


John R: a title must be clear by itself, and not depend upon breadcrumbs for that

Glenda: I agree with John R.

Lisa: In doc, adds "Failure example:: heading that doesn't clarify the step in a form"

Lisa, in doc, adds "Heading need to clarify the purpose of this page specific page"

Glenda: I suggest headings are indented.

Lisa: We will later port this doc to a W3C template.

Glenda, to Lisa: May I show you what I mean by modifying 1.1?

Lisa: I added that to the ToDo list for when we publish.

Glenda and John K agree indenting is useful to understanding the doc.

Lisa: At bottom of doc, I put what I think will be a voting box.
... The question would be, "Is this design requirement ready for the next working draft? "

Glenda: I suggest that, above the voting box, we add "Future To Dos".

Lisa: I will add those to the box/table.

Glenda: I suggest that, near or at the top, we should add resources and history.

Lisa: I like that idea, especially for policy creators.
... We could add them to a different table.

Lisa, to doc, added "Use 1.1 as an example."

Lisa, in reply to a question from Glenda about numbering: We will use the W3C's auto-numbering system.

Lisa, about "chunking" doc, says: We can do whatever we think it will make it more readable.

Glenda: I acknowledge John K: dislikes "manageable," but I think "manageable blocks" is better than "chunks".

John R: Suggests the word "chunks" may not translate to other languages well.

<LisaSeemanKestenbaum> scribe: roy

<JohnRochford> Thanks, Roy!

<JohnRochford> Gotta go to LVTF call.

Lisa: the paragraph should be separated
... I will move it
... we should make it testable
... how about move it to notes?
... we can make it simple, single paragraph to show that
... put it more details

John: would like to use single paragraph

Glenda: short sentences and to link this section?

Lisa: like to use single point per paragraph
... we are going have tables, we did samples, it's helpful to people who has trouble in language, so chunks may help them, that may be a place we try to do something

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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