XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

13 Jun 2018



Alain, Erik, Philip, Steven


Markup UK

[Report back]

Steven: I was the only XForms talk, but I also won 2nd prize for an XForms demo.


Steven: Do you know yet your vacations?

[They tell]

Steven: We will have our Summer break from 25 June to 17 Aug

The dispatch Element


Steven: I have made the change to make these two attributes required.
... I have also moved all deprecated subsections to the end of their containing sections.

State change events


Steven: Any objections to including those events in the model?

Erik: For the UI they happen at refresh
... so you need to decide when it would happen in the model.

Steven: I would say as part of refresh.

Erik: Yeah. Let me think if that creates a problem...
... it's probably fine.

Alain: Maybe I see a problem, how to know which node was changed.

Steven: I'm suggesting do it as a child of bind.

Erik: Let me look in the spec for what we say.
... "If a bound value has changed..." sounds right.
... ... it should be a similar logic for the bind.
... a change between two specific checkpoints
... if the checkpoint is a refresh, it seems ok
... You would need to store some state in the bind.

Steven: Shall I suggest some spec text?

Erik: Seems good

Alain: Do you have a use case?

Steven: yes. I want to catch a value changed of a node that isn't in the UI. I have to have a hidden control just to catch the event.

<scribe> ACTION: Steven suggest text for value change events etc in model.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2187 - Suggest text for value change events etc in model. [on Steven Pemberton - due 2018-06-20].

The control Element


Steven: I have some questions, but did you have enough time to read it?

Philip: No, sorry.

Erik: One thing comes to mind. If we have a way of passing events between the two, do we need the special submission?
... We could dispatch an event with the values in it.
... instead of submission, use a dispatch.

Steven: OK, I'll reformulate the examples to see what they look like.
... I guess that would even simplify it.

<scribe> ACTION: Steven to reformulate embedded examples using signal.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2188 - Reformulate embedded examples using signal. [on Steven Pemberton - due 2018-06-20].

Test Suite 2.0


Steven: Nothing this week, except my paper at MarkUp Uk.




Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Steven suggest text for value change events etc in model.
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reformulate embedded examples using signal.

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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