Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

30 May 2018


janina, jasonjgw, scott_h, sloandr, MichaelC, Judy


Updates and coordination: CAPTCHA, augmented reality, and any other research topics.

<janina> https://rawgit.com/w3c/apa/captcha-janina/captcha/index.html

Captcha: Janina created a branch, having realized that substantive changes were desirable. Janina notes comments from David and Scott.

Janina: the basic purpose was to clarify the material for the intended audiences and that implications were clarified.

<MichaelC> Diff of Janina´s edits, if it´s helpful (may not be)

Janina notes Scott's comments on the first sentence of the abstract and that "because" can be used at the beginning of the sentence if there is also a main clause.

Scott: if we're generally satisfied with it, there's no need for change.

Janina is open to edits (proposed in e-mail as desired).

David: this is the first occasion on which he has reviewed documents in GitHub as part of W3C work and inquires wehther there's a standard process for submitting comments.

Michael recommends not editing in the branch that Janina is working on; making another branch and submitting a pull request is a possibility; sending e-mail to janina is another.

Michael suggests doing what is most comfortable. Some groups prefer to work via issues on GitHub; others prefer e-mail.

David: proposes to send mail to the list.

Judy notes capitalization and syntax issues, and the need to update the Acknowledgments section to note contributions.

Judy recommends specific changes to this section.

Michael will take care of this section in the master branch closer to publication. He recommends using an ABBR element once in the document for the CAPTCHA acronym.

Judy suggests updating the individual contributor acknowledgments so that these are available for reviewers.

Michael won't have time for it until closer to publication.

Janina notes that the principal contributors are those in the present meeting.

David: suggests that reference short names should be lowercase and that the formatting of references (e.g., spacing between authors/titles) should receive attention.

Michael attributes some of these issues to the script; the solution isn't immediately obvious.

Janina: notes a sentence that requires editing.

David: it's in section 3.6.3 of the document, with an invalid cross-reference as well as a capitalization issue.

Janina: notes that this is also an external reference.

Michael: notes that internal references are typically resolved closer to publication time but slows down the process.

David suggests some rewriting to provide clear references to the regulatory contexts mentioned.

Scott suggests the external references may not be current.

Janina suggests updating to the relevant contemporary references.

David: remove the reference to 3.5.3 that no longer exists, and cite the regulations/standards directly.

Janina: notes broken URIs that ought to be corrected. We need to find substitutes or remove them. Janina volunteers to look at this issue next.
... next steps - make further edits in this branch, merging when complete.

Scott thinks it's close to ready.

Jason notes the Augmented Reality references posted by Scott.

Scott suggests further discussion at the next meeting.

It is agreed that we will complete work on Janina's CAPTCHA branch this week, then return to the Augmented Reality references for a discussion at next week's meeting.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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