Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

10 May 2018


AWK, Brooks, CHuck, alastairc, kirkwood, marcjohlic, gowerm, Kim_, Makoto, kim, Laura
David_MacDonald, JF, KathyW, EA_Draffan, Detlev, Glenda


<scribe> scribe: Brooks

Issue 902

<AWK> https://github.com/w3c/wcag21/issues/902

awk: I wrote a response to an issue that came up, and I feel like it is an easy issue. Is the control's name the accessible name? I think that answer is pretty straightforward and clear. I added the answer to GitHub. What does the group think?

<Chuck> +1

MichaelC: I'd ask the group, but I think it would be OK.

awk: Does my response seem reasonable?

Chuck: Could be open to interpretation. How do we handle mistakes, when we refer to previously answered issues with mistaken issues.

awk: we'd re-open the issue. Any objections to closing this issue?

Survey of understanding documents https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/understanding_changes2/results

Changes to Understanding Text spacing

awk: Laura suggests removing persona quote, as well as Mike Gower. I also agree.

Gowerm: I thought it was bit early on the SC to encounter this quote.

awk: Any other thoughts?

MichaelC: In list of resources is what I'd recommend.

Gowerm: I agree.

awk: I'm not sure what that would look like, moving this under "Resources."
... I don't think people come to this information looking for justification for the SC. They likely come here for how to comply.
... Can someone take an action item to draft an example for what this looks like in the resources section?

Gowerm: I'm happy to take feedback suggestion and work it into a draft document

MarcJohlic: I understand that editorial changes can still happen

Gowerm: I think this looks really good.

<gowerm> https://github.com/w3c/wcag21/issues/911

awk: Any objections to accepting this as amended?

RESOLUTION: Accept pull request 905 as amended.

Changes to Understanding Content on Hover or Focus

awk: Laura had a question about normalizing text. We will need to do that.

<gowerm> need to agree on standard puctuations for lists

awk: I suggest edit "to be dismissable." What do people think about that?

Gowerm: It's pretty big concept to make the sentence readable because of the number of conjunctive phrases.

<laura> +q

<alastairc> "be" rather than "meet" works for me.

Laura: What about "to be dismissable"?

awk: It seems like it doesn't go with the second half of the sentence.

MarcJohlic: How about "To meet the dismissable requirement"

<alastairc> probably a good general approach

awk: any objection to that?
... any objections to accepting this pull request as amended?

Gowerm: There is still some debate on the working group standard is for punctuation in a list...but we'll wait.

RESOLUTION: Accept pull request 906 as amended.

Understanding Animation from Interactions

awk: I suggested different text for the first sentence.

Gowerm: I think it could be written as two sentences.

Chuck: I want to make an update here. "Where users might experience"

<AWK> "The intent of this Success Criterion is to allow users to prevent animation from being displayed on Web pages. Some users can experience distraction or nausea from animated content."


<Makoto> +1 to the edit. easily translatable.

<laura> +1 and remove “can”

awk: I've got a couple of other issues to cover.
... we can have an example of an essential animation.

alastair: we couldn't think of any essential animation examples when we were drafting this.

Gowerm: I wondering if it would be good to have more details about scrolling as normal part of page interaction.

alastair: that's covered in the document

<alastairc> I don't mind, it is implicit elsewhere, don't mind it being explicit

awk: animation that is essential to the web page is allowed by this success criteria
... Does that sound good to others?
... Are there any objections to accepting this pull request as amended?

RESOLUTION: Accept pull request 907 as amended

Changes to Understanding Character Key Shortcuts

awk: Laura is asking about intent of the SC. We will normalize.

<alastairc> How about: "This success criterion is becoming increasingly important for mobile devices as growing number of devices enable keyboard controls."

<alastairc> Missed a word: "This success criterion is becoming increasingly important in the mobile realm as a growing number of apps more fully enable keyboard controls."

awk: we've got some editing to do, looking at the diff view.

<AWK> current: In contrast, in a webpage or web app that doesn't use single-character shortcuts nothing happens (or if the focus is in text field, a phrase that's accidentally picked up by the speech microphone results only in bit of stray text that can be easily seen and undone). To see a video of these types of issues, go to the Resources section of this page.

<AWK> proposed: A user interacting with a webpage or web app that doesn't use single-character shortcuts doesn't have this problem. A speech user filling in a text input form may find that a phrase that is accidentally picked up by the speech microphone results stray text entered into the field, but that is easily seen and undone.

<gowerm> ...in stray text being entered into the field...

awk: We should provide the link to the resources section, rather than promoting it within.

Chuck: should be "results in stray text"

Gowerm: should be "results in stray text being"
... I like how they've combined the failures into one, although it's pretty long.

awk: we're going to need shorter failure titles
... That will be an editorial change.
... Any objections to implementing those changes and not withdrawing the pull request?

Gowerm: I'm assuming we don't need "see resources" on line 15 of the diff file?

awk: If we have two failures, we are going to link to them separately. If we have one failure, we are going to use a shorter title.

Judy: It is long and really hard to parse.

awk: There are several techniques associated with this SC. Is there something missing? Which one maps to the unmodifiable shortcut?

Judy: The first one.

Gowerm: We don't necessarily fail by not having a way to turn the shortcut off.

awk: I was reading it as can't turn it off, can't change the key.

Gowerm: I think you've got it covered, Andrew.

RESOLUTION: Accept implementing the changes discussed and not withdrawing the pull request

Understanding Target Size

<AWK> "The intent of this success criteria is to ensure that target sizes are large enough for users to easily activate them, even if the user is accessing content on a small handheld touch screen device, has limited dexterity, or has trouble activating small targets for other reasons."

awk: Everyone like this except for me. It didn't really seem to talk about the mobile case.

<gowerm> +1


<Chuck> +1

<Makoto> +1

<marcjohlic> +1

awk: I felt like my revised copy covered the mobile scenario better.

Gowerm: I totally fine with what you've got.

<kim> +1

<alastairc> +1 (just managed to find to compare)

awk: any objections to accepting this one as amended?

RESOLUTION: Accept pull request 908 as amended

Understanding Pointer Gestures

awk: To me everything with this seems good. My one small edit is getting rid of the words "wherever possible"

<laura> +1 to removing "where possible"

Gowerm: Scanning the diff file, it looks like there's been good content added.

awk: any objections to accepting this one as amended?

<alastairc> no objection. (I read this one today as a question came up)

RESOLUTION: Accept pull request 909 as amended

awk: We are going to have to agree to publish the Understanding docs in mass. I'm not deleting branches.

<alastairc> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Wcag21-techniques

alastair: Please volunteer to write a technique, in the wiki, or in GitHub. If you will update the list of techniques available, we will know where to find it.
... In the initial stages at least, if you have been on a Task Force, please take a look at your area and consider drafting techniques.

awk: If you haven't been in a Task Force and want to write up a technique, check with the Task Force co-facilitators before writing it up to harmonize efforts.

alastair: if you do dive into GitHub, these branches will look a bit diffferent. But when you go into there will be the technique template, which should make it simpler.

awk: we'll have another survey next week. if you have changes to an understanding document, let us know.

<laura> bye all.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Accept pull request 905 as amended.
  2. Accept pull request 906 as amended.
  3. Accept pull request 907 as amended
  4. Accept implementing the changes discussed and not withdrawing the pull request
  5. Accept pull request 908 as amended
  6. Accept pull request 909 as amended
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