Silver Community Group Teleconference

04 May 2018


Lauriat, Jan, JohnM, Charles, jeanne, Jennison, JaeunJemmaku, kirkwood, Anglea
jeanne, Shawn


<jeanne> notes on prototypes

<scribe> Scribe: Lauriat

Finalize the GAAD slide deck and plan for socializing

Jeanne: I hope people had time to look at the GAAD presentation?

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jEQ7Ba6_AaLfS3XYXm1eFip1_NU2_JMTWuIICfh_FwY/edit#slide=id.g35702e8f77_1_0

Jeanne: If people are okay with this, how do we want to socialize it and send it out?

Jennison: Sure! We can tweet a link to it, and we (as in GAAD) can put it up on our website.
... Assuming you want to share it as widely as possible?

<Charles> I can socialize on the web-A11Y Slack team and other #accessibility channels

Jeanne: Absolutely.

Jennison: We also have a Facebook group for accessibility meetup organizers I can share it to.
... are your and Shawn's email addresses on there, in case people have questions?

Jeanne: I'll add that to the final slide.

<Charles> I am hosting 2 #GAAD events, so I can also share via events

Jeanne: I'll send a note to the list as soon as I've finished that edit and have it ready to tweet out.

Starting the prototyping, Invitation, Github use & training,

Jeanne: I had a lot of conversations and emails this week, Angela from Microsoft has joined us and will help manage the editor project.
... I got an email about managing the prototyping project, and another conversation with someone interested in starting to work on the user interface prototype.
... Related to that, there's a new folder in the Phase 3 folder "Prototypes", and I have two folders in there: user interface design and conformance.

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/12_R5Q_DiAZfkzSRQ6suwGavXwuehbX1MLl5DV3jSO9k/edit

Jeanne: There are a number of emails that I sent out in response to people asking what they can do and how they can help.

Charles: A little confused, following this UI project. I don't recall hearing the phrase "user interface" in anything we've done to date, but that document references work done at my table in the design sprint.
... If creating an interface, then I'd like to join that project, since that's what I do.
... The project folder has a document with those who've responded positively in helping with that as well.
... I also have a person interested in helping with the plain language project.

Jeanne: This is so cool!
... about the user interface, it's probably my sloppy language. Let me know what the term should be?

Lauriat: I think we should hold off on the UI design until we have info architecture design and multi-role starting points sorted out.

Charles: Most of the discovery aspects would need the information design upstream.

Jill: I more really wanted to get involved in the business language part of things, communicating what someone would need to do.

Charles: Where, ultimately, will the guideline reside? Talking about a homepage and such, implies that they will reside as a site.
... I haven't thought of it as such, I've thought about it as more of a better way to write it.

Jeanne: We were thinking about how do we show it? How do you bring in people who are usability minded, how do you display that?

Lauriat: I think we need to define "that" before we can do design work for that.

Jill: Are we to the point where we have the technical aspects, but we need examples and additional information?

Jeanne: I don't think we're there yet, but we will need it.

Charles: I think we have two levels of this, and we aren't talking about the same thing at the same time. What I've interpreted: we need to have example UI, showing good and bad versions of the criteria, but then we need a UI to hold and present these things.
... My understanding: we have a constraint on the guidelines that we need to follow the format of the current guidelines, which is just text.

Jeanne: Ah, okay. No, we have more flexibility than that.

Charles: That dramatically expanded the scope of work and the things I can participate in.

Jeanne: Cool! We will need to produce a technical report that will be the technical standard.
... I just assumed that when people talked about databasing all the things, this was what we were going to do.

<Charles> My assumption is that we need the simple language translation within a prototype document outline. We could prototype a couple additional outlines and then a/b test which people prefer.

Jeanne: When you say a document outline, what do you mean?

Charles: The way an SC can be written, similar to the table four prototype.
... make a couple of variants and test them against each other.

Jeanne: Okay, great! That's really what I meant.
... Did anyone have any comments on the invitation and maybe how to make it less verbose?
... We have our github repo set up, and I've set up a folder for prototypes. Along the way, I found training materials for how to use github.
... How to use github with a screen reader and a training video on how to use it. I'll send it out via email.

Project Management plans

Jeanne: Maybe we should make Friday May 11 Requirements doc day, without anything else on the agenda.
... on to the project plan.

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10p-8-v-XqRllBaX_eTiXXvyyDYeft8GRiN3_11V3U0w/edit#gid=0

Jeanne: We were going to move naming and tagging under IA, right?

Charles: Yes.

Jeanne: What did we have next for the IA project?

Charles: Recruit someone to lead it, create tag clouds of SC and understanding documents, and a template for organizing disabilities by name and categorization.

Jeanne: We should go beyond the SC and understanding documents.

Charles: Agreed, just meant as a starting point.

Jeanne: We'll need to get input on the disabilities one.

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        <scribe> Jeanne: I had a lot of conversations and emails this week, Angela from Microsoft has joined us and will help manage the editor project.

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        <scribe> Jeanne: I had a lot of conversations and emails this week, Angela from Microsoft has joined us and will help manage the editor project.

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