Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

02 May 2018


janina, Becka11y, Léonie, Judy, Brewer
becka11y, JB, Becky


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<Judy> JB: Liam should not be listed. I think Shadi and I should be at 5% each but I'll check.

<Judy> JB: RQTF role should probably be clearer.

<Judy> JB: Some of the dependencies need to updated.

<Judy> JB: Milestones are pending for personalization semantics work.

<Judy> scribe: Becky

<Becka11y> scribe: Becka11y

Janina: do we want to be specific of RQTF

JB: yes, use the word currently when discussing TF so it doesn’t require for lifetime of charter
... if we are going to be introducing normative work have to be very clear about

JB are incurring more requirements if including req. track work

Janina: some reticence about using word “incubation”

JB: incubation generally described coumminty groups

Janina: our intent is to host and promote promising new technologies - for example: personalization

<Judy> JB: specifically if you have doing rec track work you need to be clear about that up front in the charter, in the milestones, and in the patent policy.

Janina: we are clear on what personalization should achieve but not clear on the approach; may spread across architectures. Looking for an umbrella way to include that in the mission

JB: if this is reallly an exploration, should probably be approaching it differently

Janina: would be discuss that in the mission? Does it have to be at that levle

JB: if including req track work need clear plans

Becky: suggest that some of the external links should be updated or removed

JB: this has been discussed
... believe there are still a few items to work on before asking for group consensus

Janina: when do we need HTML 5.3 feedback?

Leonie: need feedback by 5/25; Will be on the call next week (May 9) but not May 16
... have made 25 substantive changes to HTML 5.3 spec; about 20% have a bearing on a11y

Janina: sounds like about 4-5 so okay to push off to next week

Leonie: will write something up and post to list

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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