Silver Task Force Teleconference

27 Mar 2018


Jan, JaeunJemmaKu, Charles, Shawn, Jannison, Kelsey, JohnM, jeanne, Imelda, Jaeunjemmku, Jennison, Aiden, jemma, Shari, JaEunJemmkuj, sloandr, Jennsion, Sweta, Thomas, Camron, jemmajaeunku


Design Sprint transcription & organization

Jeanne: Can we get a quick overview of how the design sprint went?
... Wildly exceeded our expectatations. People just started popping out great ideas. We went through and talked about the research. After each one Cameron would say "everyone who wants to, share a 'how might we' statement"
... There were all kinds of ideas, many not said out loud. Charles? Were you taking notes?

Charles: Not for the entire group.

Jeanne: We also captured the ones we could. I think we lost the ones for the blind folk. Shaun and I took pictures of all of them.
... There are hundreds of them; they're so exciting. That was the first part.
... Then we got into ideas; that went really well. There was some frustration late in the day. People wanted time to explore them more. Cameron kept things driving. Pick one; explore that.
... Tuesday was very exciting. Each group was picking things they wanted to prototype. They were bringing people in from other groups to do user testing. So we have a lot of prototypes. Some did two; some one. Really interesting ideas. 8 inches worth of paper in Shaun's backpack.
... New top level folder in the Google Drive. now in Phase 3: prototyping.

<Charles> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19-9CE4c14vDZYheaKoriz-TjYl2rreiJ

<Charles> Phase 3 Prototypes Folder ^

Jeanne: Design Sprint results are in there. Charles, can you help move the video, etc. for the design Sprint into the folder?
... A lot of energy and creativity. I think the presentation later in the week went well. There were a lot of ideas we didn't do a good job of expressing. Turn over to Charles.

Charles: Everyone has access to the folder; posted in IRC so you can browse on your own. A couple of groups made tangible protoypes. The output of our group is in HTML so you'll need to download it locally instead of viewing in Google Drive. It's just a new outline. The problem we were trying to solve was flexibilty/structure in simple language.
... How to write success criteria in simple language...without labeling/identifying disability group. "A person can't hear" done. Don't need to mention what disability they have; just the problem. That's the prototype we came up with.
... Lots of others. Silver kept coming up in many conversations throughout CSUN. People were really excited about it.

Room: Much rejoicing.

Imelda: I can help with transcription. Jeanne: I worked on table 5 transcription; table 4 did everything online.

Jeanne: Inside "table results" folder you should find folders by table. Charles, can you make sure table 4's stuff is in there?
... We need a lot of help. In table 5 folder, you'll see all the images I took of table 5. Any post it note that is labeled HMW is part of the How Might We exercise.
... This is how we did the transcription. Wrote who was at that table. Wanted to catch problem statements. This group strictly did 'testable' and 'difficulty to get started' got lots of info on the latter, but not 'testable.'
... Anyone from table 5, can you step in to help?
... Easy part was the "how might we" I just typed in the post it notes. Put "?" if I couldn't understand the writing. Could use help with typing post its. Organized the papers as best as I could. There will be pieces of pager with 8 ideas that should go under problem statement as a result of the Crazy 8 exercise.

<Charles> ACTION: item to Charles will transcribe all notes from Table 4 and draft the Overview statement

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Jeanne: On the solutions, this group did a form on measurability. Many photos I took of that paper. A lot of the diagrams weren't easy to transcribe so I put the slide numbers. Mostly just typing up the how might we. need people to work on tables 1, 2, and 3
... Table 3 ended up being a group of developers. They congregated together; we couldn't split them up, but they generated a ton of paper!

??: Many of the table 3 post it images are from table 4. I'll transcribe this. Jeanne: If you could start the overview document as well?

Jeanne: If you could just start the document for table 1 with all the people that were there and what day they were there. "who was there, what problem statements did you work on?" so people can insert the information in the right place. If you don't have time whoever does table 1 can fill in the info.

Kelsey: I can do table 1.

Imelda: I can take table 2. Is it okay for me to work on it over the weekend or does it need to be done by Friday? Jeanne: It's fine. I was at table 2 so I can help with it. I'm also on the road this week.

Jeanne: If people could work on transcriptions offline and then bring back to group. We want to categorize the results and make it into a more coherent whole. We have an amazing amount of ideas and information.

Imelda: I'll work on it over the weekend and I'll do it offline.

Jeanne: Do you mind starting on Table 3 since I was at table 2? Imelda: sure.
... Could someone else also work on table 3. Jan: I can help with table 3.
... Good morning, didn't know you were here.

Jennison: hi, I joined when you were done describing the day.

??: Jeanne, i have a question. What help do you need for group 1? I have a presentation next Thursday so I'd like to know the deadline for that too.

Jeanne: Kelsey is going to work on it, so you don't need to do it all, but if you could look at what she's done and fill in the information you know.
... Particularly make sure details of the prototype is accurate. If you weren't in the group it could be difficult to tell what was going on. If you were in the group, yo ucould help put it in context.

Kelsey: Did you get a chance to look at overview of table 5? ??: Oh, I think I was at table 1. We did a lot of electronic work.

??: I can review and give feedback. When do you need that by? Jeanne: Let's say next Tuesday to get the tables done.

<kooje> jemma is jemma


Imelda: Is there any press release or anything in the media about your meeting that can be shared? Jeanne: There isn't and we should write something up.

<kooje> can someone paste the design sprint folder url?

Shaun: We planned once we wrote it up to make a summary to thank the participants and to list interesting results. And a "here's how you can keep helping with Silver"

Imelda: I was thinking more about a newsletter with photos with like "this is what occured" "this particular group met here" just like a general press release.

jeanne: we were thinking we'd wait until we had results. Should we socialize before then? Imelda: Note necessarily, but sometimes when there are events, the host has a newsletter or something general. But if not, it's okay.

Jennison: I don't think CSUN has a closing newsletter or anything like that.

Jeanne: We could do a blog and socialize it and mention we'll put the results out in a couple of weeks.

<kooje> kelsey, can you send me an email when you are done with table 1 transcription so that I can review and give feedback?

Jeanne: Maybe a good time to start building our social media presence.

<Charles> About 3/4 of the images in Table 3 folder belong in Table 4 folder. I need ‘move’ rights/access to resolve.

Imelda: Of course, it all depends on the resources. Don't want folks taking on more than they're able to.

Jeanne: I'll take a stab at writing something and we'll run it by the group...try having it done by Friday. It'll be short, but should cover the highlights. Can put it on Paciello or W3C blog. Probably more eyes on Paciello group.

Jennison: Yeah, put it on Paciello and we can tweet it on Monday. Something quick, brief, and a preview of what's the come.

Jeanne: I need to write something for them anyway. Two birds with one stone.
... I think that takes care of the first item, transcription stuff organized.

<jeanne> ACTION: Jeanne to write blog article on the Design Sprint

<trackbot> Created ACTION-162 - Write blog article on the design sprint [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2018-04-03].

Line up content research

<Charles> https://drive.google.com/open?id=19-9CE4c14vDZYheaKoriz-TjYl2rreiJ

<kooje> thanks Charles

Shaun: Next is lining up content research. The design sprint and the ideas from that. We need to rejuvenate the research around the content of silver. Jeanne, do yo have ideas for first steps?

<kooje> s/shaun/shawn

Jeanne: What sara did a couple years ago. What we first did was come up with list of reseach questions we wanted.


Jeanne: a number of University research groups. We can ask Dave Sloan for that once we get it together.
... Here's where this came from. I got several questions "is silver going to relook at color contrast algorithm?" things like that.
... Most of WCAG has no research whatsoever, but it's been done in subsequent years. But there are areas where we can look at what research is needed.
... Don't know if we should start with questions or the call of what needs to go in research. What parts of WCAG don't have research and what that is going into silver needs research?
... As I'm saying I don't think we don't want to make a list of research questions. Thoughts?

Shawn: Agreed. Other than Q: of "how do we include more PWD," we don't have anything to frame the research with.

??: Is there any official backlog of research from current criteria? Things set aside?

Shawn: I think we have one from the WCAG 2.1 taskforce. Otherwise, the only one I know of is color contrast because that comes up in conversations.

Jemma: Sara mention buildling design principles. I think she wanted to look at different areas of guidelines.

Imelda: Do you mean the leave certification guidelines as a reference?

Jemma: It was Stanley Lam that was working on it with Sara. Jeanne: I'm looking a little past that.

Jeanne: We're asking this question because we're not going to need this research for months but it takes a really long time to get research done.
... this is prepping for the research we're going to need in the Fall and next Winter about the content. This is more advanced looking way down the road 6 months from now and starting to set that up. I'm thinking more about some of the research you found about specific success criteria, but not the usability so much.
... Has there been any research done. So we don't assume WCAG 2.0 is correct if there is research that says it isn't
... how about we think about it more and talk about it on Friday.
... We were successful to get researchers to help with structural questions. Let's see if we can do the same for content questions.

Charles?: What about "deferred to silver?" We need way to capture those to make sure they get into our content stream.

Jemma: Agreed. I think we're overlapping work with WCAG working group. Let's look at the "deferred to silver" issues

Jennison: Let's look at them and see if Silver will address them the way they are. We want to consider them and look at what else should be in Silver.
... Just because 'deferred to silver' doesn't mean it should be in there. Otherwise we're taking everything they couldn't do, but silver is part of "What's new?"

Jeanne: Yes, but I'm looking past that. Looking at what we'll need in 2019.
... And start to socialize that and get people working on what we're going to need in 2019. More what Shawn was saying. Very advanced planning because researchers take a long time.
... Work with research partners took much longer than expected, so we need to get started so that a year from now it'll actually be there.
... We'll be looking at things from task forces. They all did literature reviews, needs analysis. but that's done. What do we need that isn't done? I don't know what it all is, but probably people looking at things
... Do we still need requirements for older sections of WCAG because tech has changed. We need people looking at those if they haven't already.
... This is probably too far to look down to bring to group, but if it's Shawn+me work that's fine, but appreciate expertise in this group.

Imelda: Got to get going. Great meeting!
... Are we having a meeting Friday? ??: Yes.

Room: Bye Imelda.
... Talk about meeting on Friday. Some people can make it; some can't. Jeanne: Maybe short meeting or working meeting (on table 4)

Charles?: some problems moving content in Google Drive folders.

Jemma took a bunch of pictures. Jeanne: no one said they objected, so we are probably free to use them

??: you said you were looking for ideas on how to begin content research?

??: Can you clarify?

JEanne: looking for new research partners. To look at existing WCAG research. Really focusing on WCAG 2. There was research done 10 years ago.
... 10 years later, has our understanding of what should be in WCAG changed? based on research done of what we'd like to do

kooje: Would that be an idividual or organization doing the research? Jeanne: individually or some corporate researchers; probably focus on academic researchers
... that helps Jeanne: thanks for the question

<kooje> above was Kelsey, not mee



Jeanne: I think we're done. Have a great weekend or whatever.

Room: Bye!

<kooje> kelsey:Would that be an idividual or organization doing the research? Jeanne: individually or some corporate researchers; probably focus on academic researchers

<kooje> kelsey:that helps


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Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: item to Charles will transcribe all notes from Table 4 and draft the Overview statement
[NEW] ACTION: Jeanne to write blog article on the Design Sprint

Summary of Resolutions

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