Automotive Working Group Teleconference

20 Mar 2018


Urata, Ulf, Kevin, Hyojin, Ted, Adam, Paul, Gunnar, Hira, Wonsuk, Benjamin_Klotz(Eurecom)


F2F registration and agenda input

F2F registration

Paul: reminder to register for the F2F
... we should try to be granular in our agenda
... Urata brought up a good point on convergence versus merging
... we should settle on how the two paradigms fit together and a framework for discussing the differences

Ted: agree, two big ones being taking what we what we like on WS from VSS and other is the data model

Gunnar: agree, this is what we have been discussing and need to get going on specifics


RSI editors

RSI editors

Adam: I want to be sure we align with VISS

Ted: Urata-san respectfully declined invitation as he is too busy at present. Rudi I have with signals mostly for the VSS data model

Guru: yes, I intend to focus on signals and the framework not media

Ted: I want to talk to PatrickL on tooling. I believe similar to VSS they have tooling to generate alternate views, in their case for spec fragment generating code. I will take care of W3C Respec pieces

Paul: please add a link to the main page


Paul: issue 227 on implementation reports

Implementation reports

Paul: we need two and have one as far as I know

Ted: Genivi Development Platform uses Melco's so not a separate as Gunnar can confim?

Gunnar: correct. we can perhaps fork as we work on the REST piece

Ted: Hira-san, Urata-san anything from KDDI or ACCESS?

Hira: maybe Urata has a VISS and he can confirm to what extent he has finished testing it

<urata_access> Audio problem sorry

<urata_access> I have intention to submit imple report

Ted: excellent

Paul: what about JLR?

<urata_access> When will be the due date or milestone date?

Paul: also believe Urata is looking for input on test cases

Adam: at JLR we haven't yet implemented

Paul: Hira-san is correct we cannot advance without these implementation reports
... I remember Song Li had done one with Baidu

Ted: NewSky has rejoined btw

Urata: as mentioned on IRC, I intend to submit a report but extremely busy
... can I please have a deadline?

Ted: perhaps do a simpler report for now in the interest of time and then you can make a more detailed version later

Urata: OK, will try to have done in the next couple weeks
... regarding the test suite, it is not 100% complete and would like to have someone contribute the remaining

Ted: do you have a link or email about what is missing?

<urata_access> https://github.com/aShinjiroUrata/web-platform-tests/tree/dev-urata-vsss-test

Urata: Wonsuk has used the test cases

<Paul> Sorry was disconnected

Urata: some tests are missing and some could be written better, such as the filter over subscribe
... threshold time
... authentication has some test but could use more

Ted: can you send a mail to the list about where you see the gaps?

Urata: ok, I have to verify the tests against a more complete implementation

Ted: Implementation reports according to the W3C Process Document have little requirements, I imagine we can cite implementations from Volvo and JLR partners without naming them explicitly and satisfy our two implementation requirement to move on to Proposed Recommendation

Ulf: I will see what I can do

Adam: I will do the same

Paul: shouldn't test cases be written against the specification and not an implementation?

Ted: yes but I think he was speaking about testing the tests

Paul: ok, makes sense

publish VIAS as Note

Ted: I sent Urata-san an email on our internal list asking what he and Hira-san would like to include in the status and ideally a pointer to an open source JS lib

Urata: I received a favorable response on opening up our VIAS implementation and will need to spend time cleaning it up before publishing

Ted: I need to clean up the current confusion including but not limited to VIAS

Paul: agree, Google results are misleading

Ted: I need to publish VIAS as a Note soon and will welcome pull request on wording or link to a placeholder repo url

Urata: I can do that sooner

Hira: we should fix VIAS

Ted: we can continue to edit as a Note and will start preparing to publish it that way

Hira: VISS should be fixed

Paul: specifically what needs to be fixed?

Hira: JS library for VISS
... we need VISS specification

Paul: I am looking at the spec, I believe we removed the JS library part

Ulf: I think what is meant that VISS should work should be completed
... to increase the VIAS JS library visability

Hira: Urata-san will provide JS library for VISS

Urata: I think what he means is that my implementation is one style of VIAS that is created for VISS in JS
... VIAS API could be implemented in different ways, eg in a browser

Gunnar: we already agreed with that previously

Kevin: one possible concern is the architecture diagram includes a JS library but that is an example and could be any JS library
... it could be VIAS or any JS library (eg another open source library) to fill that role
... the diagram is ok as is

Gunnar: a JS library isn't even required, the diagram could be changed to have that as optional

Kevin: or we could remove altogether

Gunnar: can we have a concrete change proposal to discuss

<Paul> I greatly apologize. I have lost connectivity via webex

Edge computing/data silos

Ted: there is considerable interest in leveraging VISS in on-board edge computing, data sampling and sending to cloud. This has been part of our discussion during Euro trip, with ISO20078, Neutral Vehicle, regulators, fleet managers etc. There are other W3C standards work and Industry4.0 EU project we are a partner in that can contribute to a more complete solution. I am working with some stakeholders to get a task force ready to launch.

Japanese OEM visits

Ted: Similar to Euro trip visiting OEMs and Tier 1s to promote our standards work, I went to Japan last week to meet with Honda, Nissan and Toyota. The meetings went very well and I was most pleased with the latter's reaction in particular. I will keep the group appraised of developments


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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