WoT PlugFest

14 Mar 2018


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Taki_Kamiya, Toru_Kawaguchi, Benjamin_Klotz, Takeshi_Yamada, Graeme_Coleman, Kunihiko_Toumura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Soumya_Kanti_Datta, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Michael_McCool, Ryuichi_Matsukura, DarkoAnicic, Michael_Lagally, Kazuaki_Nimura, Daniel_Peintner


<kaz> scribenick: Soumya

Yamada-san's update

<yamada> my PR is https://github.com/w3c/wot/pull/397

yamada-san: three main commits in this pull req
... 1. adding panasonic TDs
... 2. link of those TDs
... 3. 3.1 event and observe using http

kaz: it is about plugfest scenario

matthias: section 3 is about servient features right?

<yamada> this https://github.com/yamagile/wot/blob/0ffc939cec812bec0df847ca6df383b88a0ff993/plugfest/2018-prague/preparation.md#31-event--observable-using-http-long-polling

matthias: could fit to both

yamada-san: last one is imp
... participants will be panasonic and fujitsu (and any other)
... mentions purpose and application scenarios
... mentions functionalities and roles including application, proxy and device (including the steps to run the scenarios)
... please merge this pull req to master branch

kaz: pull req is a proposal about how to describe a plugfest scenario?
... think about balance b/w proposals from yamada-san and mjkoster

mccool+matthias: +1 for merging

mjkoster: this is fine

kaz: thanks yamada-san

darko: one question: fujitsu local proxy: are we going to have multiple TD repo?
... main TD repo (normally we have), now there is one more from fujitsu.. shall we have multiple repo?

matthias: what we saw is on eventing ...

matthais: ppl may have multiple directory for testing

mccool: register in more than one TD

<kaz> [note that we had multiple TD directories for Burlingame plugfest: https://github.com/yamagile/wot/blob/0ffc939cec812bec0df847ca6df383b88a0ff993/plugfest/2018-prague/images/burlingame.png?raw=true]

mccool: suggest: generate TD with more than one base addresses
... addresses with a certain format
... network context is imp

mccool: more than one TD running is possible
... is darko validating the TD?

darko: not really

matthias: TD playground, should be up in AWS
... edit TD and then validate syntax and other checkers

mjkoster: thingweb TD is picky, gives some errors in certain cases... there is an error with cross origin resource sharing
... agree that we can have multiple TD... some local, some remote...
... network segment may differ

matthias: TD URI directly in that
... combination of local IP and global URLs

mjkoster: maintain a small list manually

kaz: possibly we could add that as the section 8 on issues for plugfest

mccool: better to use the issue tracker, suggest to have a section on validation
... someone should volunteer to create and track the issue (multiple TD)
... i can do it

kaz: please add "PlugFest" label to that issue

mccool: ok

matthias: asking mjkoster about json-ld file

mjkoster: context is failing sometimes, i will file issue(s)

matthias: should be in the thingweb directory
... valid json-ld is fine, thingweb parses TD and puts it in tripplestore ...
... talk to victor about usability

kawaguchi-san: in summary, who is going to bring a proxy other than fujitsu?

kaz: proxy and thing directory?

matthias: victor is working on it
... locally run a patch version

kawaguchi-san: describe it in the prep doc.

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues/403

mjkoster: has an instance of thing repo (public)
... proxy by node-wot

matthias: tunnel that has a local endpoint and public hoster endpoint
... websocket b/w endpoints
... http proxy last time
... either panasonic or fujitsu should bring tested proxy
... is there any logistics issue?

mjkoster: exposing an instance from a cloud
... create a local IP proxy for that

matthias: consuming thing on a cloud that wants to consume a local thing - would not work - scenario is complex
... panasonic and fujitsu did it using custom tunneling lasttime

kawaguchi-san: fujitsu to bring local and remote proxy
... panasonic to register local and remote things

mccool: tunneling worked for me last time, easy to setup but proxy is safer solution

kaz: intel and smartthings to connect to fujitsu proxy?

mccool: yes

kaz: other questions about this?


Koster's update

<kaz> Koster's PR

<kaz> changes

mjkoster: scenario is - reg client, managing lifecycle
... easy 3rd party integration
... create and advertise
... client is going to use semantic discovery
... fill in the recipe ingredient
... manually ...
... using mqtt and http
... not using coap
... client has some o-auth for verification, delegation, 3rd party security provider
... currently user gives permission ...
... read write execute permission
... system - node-red based local servient, client servient
... use hosted proxies, either way works, local to cloud is imp
... cloud-to-cloud is also possible

mccool: can we have bridging scenarios?

<kaz> rendered version fyi

mccool: two wi-fi and access points and then try to bridge them

mjkoster: bring a router myself, could be possible
... last part - requirements
... iotschema annotation capabilities for discovery
... proxy compatible with node-wot
... need to check protocol binding
... additional context - semantic linkage some features of interest
... lwm2m style binding
... no ocf this time
... node-wot based ...
... proxy - it is a dedicated one, using mqtt, http

coap though node-wot

mjkoster: TLS and DTLS should be there
... policy interface
... not modeling any accessibility

kaz: good detailed version
... do you think you can extract a compact version?

mjkoster: bulleted summary, yes

matthias: what to fill-in now?

kaz: suggest we start with the summary version

Oracle IoT Cloud

Oracle provides an Oracle IoT Cloud Service Product instance which includes a device simulator that we are using to simulate the Festo Plant, a connected car, a HVAC and a pump, support additional device

Festo simulator+integration developed together with Siemens with siemens

more complex model of a thing

simulator for heating, pump

if you want to simulate other devices, please discuss with Michael Lagally

TD files to be uploaded

darko: lots of device, asking to upload all TDs
... prepare iotschema capabilities for them along with semantic queries

possible demo on OpenDay?

<Zakim> yamada, you wanted to say As for the demo planning, would anyone plan to demo in other than PlugFest (like in Open Day)? If yes, I'd like to demo in the morning due to the time

yamada-san: anyone planned to demo during openday?

matthias: depends ...

OCF summer meeting

scribenick: kaz

matthias: would like to clarify OCF summer meeting schedule so that we can avoid conflicts for the next f2f meeting in Korea

mccool: need to see the schedule

usage of preparation.md and preparation-company_name.md

kaz: clarification question about the usage of preparation.md vs preparation-panasonic.md for Yamada-san
... summary on the demo scenario, objective, servient structure, steps on preparation.md because it's shared by Panasonic and Fujitsu?

yama: yes

kaz: what about preparation-panasonic.md?

matthias+koster: details to be written on preparation-panasonic.md

next call(s)

kaz: no plugfest call next wednesday on March 21st
... possibly one more TD/LD calls, though

darko: Koster, available on 16th?

koster: not available


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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