28 Feb 2018


Shawn, Judy, Jeanne, janina, tzviya, MichaelC, Joanmarie_Diggs, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Sharron, kim_patch, George


<scribe> scribe: MichaelC

Other agenda items?

JB: I can´t meet 14 March

wanna meet next week instead?

or ok w/ 4 weeks?

Next meeting: 28 March 2018

DPUB-ARIA 2.0 (or 1.1 as it may end up being)

<Judy> agenda order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Confirm scribe, rrsagent, agenda

Updates on WAI site timing

<shawn> We're currently planning to announce the WAI website redesign beta on 15 March. (Rationale for doing it a day or two earlier or later is welcome.)

<shawn> We would like any comments before 6 April.

<shawn> We hope to "flip the switch" the week of 16 April.

Results of APA discussion of publication of FAST document

js: the checklist is not a standalone doc, it´s tied to the main doc

they´re at different maturity levels

in principle APA willing to publish

but need to figure out what to publish where and how to promote

jb: I have thoughts regarding where "FAST" might best be visible for W3C to internal processes [such as: accessibility horizontal reviews]

mc: a whole whack of thoughts which, as scribe, he didn´t capture in scribing

<Zakim> Judy, you wanted to distinguish between "FAST"'s utility as an early resource vs a wide-review-timing resource, and where it should be posted

jb: @@ project management @@

got checklist ¨done¨ (scribe´s quotes) last year

but only linked from Art of Consensus more recently

tends to get looked at later in the spec development process

whereas its main utility is early in the process

want it to be discoverable to others than just W3C WGs

nobody´s saying checklist should go to TR

js: sounds good

APA also noted SC35/WD36 moving forward

we haven´t cross referenced that yet

jb: many things could happen

how do we make sure what we have is discoverable?

js: promote on APA site

<Judy> mc: the APA website is designed mainly for WG participates

mc: APA site is for WG participants, how do we make simultaneously useful for others?

jb: use current work section

or announcements

or both

js: would help for W3C to systematize horizontal review function, expectations, procedures

so we can sync with the efforts of others


<Zakim> Judy, you wanted to respond wrt horizontal review function systematization

jb: MC and RRS supposed to be working on that

RI for I18N

seems slow moving

so I´m bringing up here so we can move this forward

mc: that´s true, RRS and I acknowledge the work but not time to focus

I would like a formal place to put stuff

otherwise I´m just picking a random place, and it´s already in a random place

jb: will discuss around

please let me know when a publication imminent

slh, how will this fit into WAI site?

slh: I have thoughts

give me warning before you publish and I´ll put them together

js: we just gotta sort out who does what work

mc: think it´s on me, main doc needs cleanup as it might look more complete than it is right now; and checklist also needs editorial work

but I got WCAG 2.1

Coordination check on ARIA-related documents in other groups

ts: Publishing WG supposed to publish FPWD of DPub ARIA 2.0 Q1 2018

we´re behind schedule for a 2.0, but now unsure if we need a major update, or just a 1.1

only a few terms we want to add

and incorporate errata

<tzviya> https://github.com/w3c/dpub-aria/issues

want to discuss 1.1 vs 2.0 with Joanie

a 1.1 would need a AAM update, which we´re not chartered for

but would be minimal work

also need to sort out which github repo, and which WG

<Zakim> joanie, you wanted to say 1.1, we could do a dpub-aam 1.1 as well. Easy peasy. :)

jd: recommend 1.1

ARIA charter covers

mc: another whack of unscribed stuff

exchange with Matt Garrish about dpub-aria repo vs dpub-aria-2.0 repo

dpub-aria created to move spec out of aria repo, but with idea that further work could happen there

then discovered the 2.0 one had been created months earlier

have some plan for technical coordination in dpub-aria repo

no consensus over which WG does the work

I prefer joint between ARIA and publishing

ARIA has it in charter scope still

but Ivan not favoring

expect ARIA will wind up supporting whichever way it goes

jb: historically ARIA developed in PFWG then ARIA WG, but then the associated docs are getting picked up by other groups; and joint TFs becoming less favored at W3C -- but I want to highlight the need still please for coordination, in terms of strategy, and technical details.

<Zakim> joanie, you wanted to ask for specifics on the interoperability issues

ts: Ivan ok with joint work now

concern over bureaucracy

from ARIA WG being distracted on other work and unable to respond

in any case, we wouldn´t publish without ARIA WG group

so now practically, a question of which repo

Matt moved to dpub-aria repo because of shared files

can send requests for CfC to Joanie

jb: note horizontal review shouldn´t be done by individual, should be done with WG with clear record of WG indicating satisfaction with how comments addressed

jd: ARIA coordinates with WebPlat and SVG on other AAMs

so we just pinch hit as needed

jb: have heard about unreliable interoperability

<Zakim> joanie, you wanted to ask for specifics on the interoperability issues

Any feedback from Pers Sem or Graphics modules wide reviews

jd: nothing on Personalization Semantics

FPWD just came out, so no wide review request

no input from authors on Graphics, but have implementations

only 3 roles, but have 100% implementation on several platforms

one more says ¨working on it¨

so expect to be ready to enter CR soon

jb: great

it used to be possible to have zero-length CR if implementation report ready

if you had clear exit criteria and have met them

khs: this is Graphics Module?

jd: Graphics-ARIA -> Graphics-AAM

the module defines the roles, the AAM defines the UA implementation

same as for ARIA

and Core-AAM

we plan to use similar exit criteria to what we had for ARIA

and enter CR with our implementations in place

to avoid surprises

jb: suggest you write up the exit criteria now and do a dry run of them

jd: done

jb: get MC to take to PLH and probably JB who might get preview from RRS

also watch the Call for Exclusions timeline impact

Updates on CSUN meetings and presentations

WCAG WG meeting

Silver Design Sprint

WCAG 2.1 presentation

push to do crowd source testing of EPUB Reading Systems/Apps

gk: IPDF, book industry study group (BISG), DAISY, and a few more acronyms

<doing something that scribe lost in all the acronyms>

reporting results on epub-test.org

re-engineered testing system to target non-technical users

launch crowd-sourced approach before CSUN

put stuff up at inclusive-publishing.org

will announce broadly, including in W3C publish fora

jb: interesting

gk: we have a test book

containing tests when you open it in a reader

tests have IDs, users can report results

developers respond to this well

lots o´ work though

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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