HTML meeting

27 Feb 2018


Léonie, chaals, xiaoqian, Terence, Scott, Bruce


<bruce> joining here as can't find the link for the no-plugin webex meeting

<tink> prsent+ Chaals, Terence, Scott

<scribe> scribe: chaals

Milestone progress

LJW: We are just over 50% done - 17/33

<bruce> @tink, i don't have a "connect via browser" button. Anyway, we can discuss offline

XW: Just got back from holiday, will look at my issues this week

TE: [has closed 4] should be able to go through more editorial stuff next week

SO'H: [ditto] Will jump in stuff as time permits.

<bruce> r/e progress, fridays are my html time, and have been in the air for the last two. If chaals can find time to hold my hand on friday, i can make a start

LJW: If issues are assigned to you, please give them a milestone to help everyone see what might get done when

[Sangwhan has 2 open issues]

sangwhan? ^^

[Patricia has one open issue]

CMN: Not the one I was working on with her, but can work with her.

LJW: Closed mine. Unlikely to take any more in the milestone :(

CMN: [gold star :) ] 7open, but they seem feasible

<tink> ... One is to rewrite the navigation chapter. Not tricky, but...

<bruce> folding custom elements into spec seems like a giant task, but haven't had a chance to look at what it entails or estimate time to comolete

<bruce> complete, even

<tink> ... Expect to land them all.

[Bruce has 2 open]

<bruce> when is next millstone?

[coming milestone 9 march. Next one is early April]

CMN: Assuming we will need to land milestone and then go through a cleanup round.

LJW: Note that we have to make the wide review...

Face to face meeting

LJW: 24-26 April, at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
... thanks to Vassilis for hosting. We will go spend half a day talking to his design and development students about W3C, working on HTML, and other exciting standards stuff.
... likely to be on Wednesday.
... Sent email - if you know you can make it (or cannot) please make an edit to the meeting page. Ditto for agenda requests.

TE: Any recommendations for cheap places to stay in the area?

LJW: I'll ask around

XW: I will need an invitation letter

LJW: Tell me what there needs to be in that and I will request it

<tink> x/me I can push the minutes Chaas.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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