Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

26 Feb 2018


wseltzer, dsinger, moneill, matthias, aleecia, jnovak, alan, brendan


<dsinger> I have had no replies to my request for browser availability

<aleecia> +1 to finish that work

moneill: IAB Europe propses an industry domain with cookies to record consent
... another fingerprinting vector
... implementing site-specific consent via cookie
... encoding vendor IDs to which user has consented
... unique, because it also has timestamped creation time

jnovak: some other problems too
... say outright that the solution doesn't work on some browsers
... those with 3d-party cookies disabled
... discussion of audit trails, audit rights. Fingerprintability and data retention.
... goes far dictating what UX is supposed to be, e.g. dictating full-page interstitials with consent UI
... recommend reading

<jnovak> here’s the link: https://info.quantcast.com/gdpr.html

Brendan: this was developed by IAB Europe, not IAB
... they're a licensor of the brand

matthias: we could try to get in touch with IAB Europe

Brendan: sounds appropriate
... IAB Europe is working on solutions applicable to their publisher userbase; they can fully implment a JS solution

<dsinger> even if all browsers supported it, not all users will have the current version for ages

<dsinger> yes, correct

<dsinger> I will ping them

matthias: extend charter?

<aleecia> perhaps we could get feedback on how we have twice had committment to publish with interoperability, yet twice not been published.

wseltzer: in this case, since previous charter was set for a year only, we'd want to get AC review of re-charter

alan: GDPR compliance is still low
... lots of people are catching up late to the need for compliance
... that could explain low participation

jnovak: potential "workshop"/meeting on GDPR/EPR, implementing parties interop

<schunter> Yes: while we finished the technical work, we underestimated the speed of legislators and the speed of GDPR implementation in industry.

jnovak: would require coordination among browsers, advertisers, publishers

Brendan: our historic constituency has been publishers; we're working to bring more advertisers

moneill: Oxford in April?

matthias: want to see some tangible interest for re-charter

<moneill> wseltzer, yes they had space when I talked to them 10 dys ago

matthias: maybe rename as "GDPR compliance WG"
... if browsers don't implement, is plugin-based approach viable?

<aleecia> I think you don’t leave the field while the ball is in play

matthias: think we need to ping browsers again

alan: privacy roadshow, implementation workshop
... there needs to be a compelling case that DNT solution is better than alternatives

matthias: get some publishers to demand DNT, and then ask browsers for it
... as better GDPR solution
... ask Chris Pedigo for help?

alan: who will organize these meetings? people need 2mo notice
... GDPR hits mid-May
... suggest talking with IAB Europe

matthias: who would organize a publishers' meeting?

dsinger: need to make people believe they can't afford to miss it

Brendan: IAB Tech Lab is currently organizing a meeting for October.
... we also have an emerging GDPR working group

matthias: should we invite IAB Europe to present their solution to our group?
... I'll get in touch
... and will reach out to Chris Pedigo and @@ re publisher awareness
... dsinger will re-ping browsers

<aleecia> two weeks, sounds good

<aleecia> (can also do next week)

matthias: meet again next week.

<aleecia> :-)

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