Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

21 Feb 2018


scott_ht, janina, MichaelC_, scott_h


<scribe> scribe: janina

Literature review and discussion of current topics.

Research literature and planning further work - augmented reality, navigation, etc.

jgw: Recalling interim conclusion was to add paragraph to our VR to cover AR

sh: Noting initial assumptions appear to be valid
... Most papers appear mostly conceptual
... But a bit more experience in AR

jgw: Suggesting the added para should note distinctions, and also add relevant refs

sh: seems right

jgw: will do this, provides good temporary holding point
... Will give others in W3C something to look at and consider
... Moving to nav considerations ...
... not much to say today, need a use cases and reqs conversation

sh: believe mapping work will be helpful

<jasonjgw> Janina doesn't see anything immediately on the horizon by way of additional topics.

Literature review and discussion of current topics.

jgw: no current impediments
... issues on the horizon, but not immediate
... horizon issues such as authentication

CAPTCHA Note - update by APA

janina: not getting it done
... Scott is willing, provided his other actions can go on hold

The Captcha 1.0 Note is at:


<jasonjgw> Janina would prefer it ready for APA working group discussion/review in April.

Decision is Scott will take first round of edits, then submit to Michael for github

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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