Silver Task Force Teleconference

13 Feb 2018


Jan, Charles, Imelda, jeanne, Jennison, Kelsey, Shawn
Shawn, Jeanne
jeanne, Jan


<Jan> Jeanne: Sent a draft of AGWG update - it is on the wiki

<Lauriat> Draft of the update: https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/Progress_Updates#Silver_Update_for_4th_Quarter_2017

<Jan> Jeanne: The page has been renamed to "Progress Updates"

<Jan> Charles: In the section on growth and participation, we should mention that there was organic growth and outreach - we exercised a recruiting effort on top of the organic growth that occurred.

<Jan> Jeanne: Some of the participation came from some of presentation sessions that we did.

<jeanne2> scribe: jeanne

<jeanne2> Shawn: I had an excellent interview. He had a lot of information. He had suggestions for Silver. He was suggesting using job stories and user needs. The base information should be the user needs.

<jeanne2> ... have a document that people can reference that is based on user needs. The techniques and technical advice can be more fluid because the user needs stay the same.

<jeanne2> Jennison: Are you making sure that the work is done in an hour.

<jeanne2> Shawn and Jeanne: Yes.

<jeanne2> Charles: Kelsey and I emailed over the weekend about the conformance survey.

<jeanne2> Jan: We had people test it over the weekend. We sent feedback. There were some issues with SurveyMonkey.

<jeanne2> Jeanne: We worked on it over the weekend as well. I think it is ready to go out today.

<jeanne2> Charles: I sent an article to the list about SurveyMOnkay accessibility. There are some serious flaws.

<jeanne2> Jennison: I don't have much difficulty with Survey Monkey

<jeanne2> Jan: Our testers didn't have that much difficulty with it.

<jeanne2> Shawn: It looks correct in the DOM.

<Jan> scribe: Jan

Face-to-face meeting invites

Jeanne: Sent out all of the invites I was supposed to send; one person asked about funding travel

Charles: I don't have any funding ideas.

<jeanne2> Jeanne: I will send requests along with the food support request.

Jennison: If there are groups of people that are not represented at the design sprint, we might want to see if we can follow up with those groups through phone calls or other meetings.
... we need to make sure that their input is part of the activity

Charles: In terms of people who cannot attend, I think we need to consider what the next step is coming out of the design sprint, so that participants can find the outcomes of the sprint - one of the things we can do is post something close to raw output in the form of an open comment so that people who were not able to participate can comment.

Jennison: Have note takers that are not part of the actual discussions as part of the subgroups and as part of the larger group so that you will have the data. That may come at a cost, but you don't want to necessarily depend on people's memories - there are professional note takers in San Diego;

Charles: I agree that we should have a person available to take notes, but if we can't, we have talked about taking video and pictures to capture data from the groups, so if we don't have dedicated note taking, we will be able to turn them into note

Shawn: At the very least, we can let people know that we are going to collect artifacts and that we will summarize ideas in as much detail as possible to share the results of the design sprint itself.

Jennison: Coming out of the design sprint and compiling the data is going to be a significant chunk of work

Shawn: Yes - we will be very busy on Wednesday because Jeanne and I are speaking at CSUN about where we are with the research and about what happened in the design sprint.

Jennison: Yes - I want to talk about what we will be presenting at CSUN
... have we needed any ASL interpretation yet?

Shawn: Not yet that I know of.

Using Github for reports

<jeanne2> https://www.w3.org/community/silver/stakeholder-job-stories/

Jeanne: I did the first report, which is the stakeholders job stories - it is not a report yet because we have to go through a process to have it be a formal report.
... This is now close to W3C format. W3C is normally a technical standards organizations, accessibility is a small part of what it does. All W3C report tools are meant to be run from Github. W3C uses Github for the development of technical standards.
... Do we want to start using Github on a limited basis for the reports we are starting to generate?

Charles: I would agree that Github is a difficult tool to learn, but I think another layer to the question is authoring rights in all of the other locations.
... normally on Github, people have private accounts, so how do you verify who has authoring capabilities vs. just commenting.

Jeanne: The W3C has an account and is able to grant permissions to working groups.
... I will look into how admin rights in W3C will be managed and whether or not our W3C contact would have to be the admin of our sight to grant permissions to users.

<jeanne2> Jan: It's a difficult tool to use. I don't think we should not use it. If we choose to use it, we have to provide clear instructions on how to use it.

Kelsey: Would we still be using Google Docs to collaborate and then use github for formal reports?

Jeanne: Yes, we will still use Google Docs, but when we start writing Silver, we will have to use github
... I will look into the permissions and will talk to colleagues about the best way to use github for spec development and managing efficiently; Kim Patch wrote a beginner's guide to github - I will see what happened to that document and see if we can share it.

<Charles> there are currently 48 repos on GitHub that have the topic tag of accessibility

<Charles> https://github.com/w3c?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=accessibility&type=&language=

Jennison: I am away on vacation next week. I should be here on Friday, but gone next week.

Shawn: I will be on vacation starting this weekend. I will miss the next 2 calls, but will be back next Friday.

Jennison: Kelsey, we were wondering where we are on the survey.

Kelsey: It's pretty much all the way done. I need to connect with Jeanne today, if possible, to make a few minor, final changes to it, based on the accessibility review and then we need to nail down exactly what we are doing and then send it out.

Jeanne: I won't be available until this afternoon because of the AGWG presentation, but can be available this afternoon.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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