Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

12 Feb 2018


fielding, dsinger, schunter, moneill, aleecia, jeff, jnovak, cpedigo


<aleecia> thanks, david

The audio quality of mike is somewhat poor for me.

<dsinger> Like, the number of people on this call is rather indicative

David: Let us rule out the "Publish REC now" option.

SOmething needs to be done to alarm the community that something needs to happen.

Workshop: GDPR compliance and DNT

<jeff> [/me thinks that alarming the community has the most traction if it is the EU linking it to GDPR. That was the entire reason that we rechartered 18 months ago]

Experimental implementations / experimental websites. Demonstrate how it works with GDPR.

I agree.

<fielding> It needs to be something that the developers would attend. Preferably, a virtual interop event.

What developers? Mike and Telekom and EFF?

<fielding> Browser and site developers. Honestly, it is not possible to deploy DNT as a browser extension because we simply cannot rely on users having the ability/permission to enhance the software they are using to surf the Web.

To resolve the chicken-egg problem, a collaborative strategy workshop could help: Browsers and Publishers agreeing on the best way forward.

Invitees: Browsers, IAB Europe, Digitalcontentnext, Publishers,

Good idea! I guess we have EU relations and could meet there.

Tutorials: What is GDPR? What does GDPR mean for you? How will DNT help?

Aleecia would also like to see a "public outreach" workshop were we educate the public and rally supporters.

First meeting is focused on reactivating prior allies while the new one is for people we had not reached out before.

<dsinger> proposed conclusion: it’s premature to close the group with all the regulatory activity in e.g. GDPR and so on. but it’s premature to go beyond candidate rec. we suggest two events: a workshop “What next in privacy? Adopt DNT, and new standards” and an implementer meetup: adopting and implementing DNT, holding bake-offs and so on

<jeff> [/me wonders who is supposed to run these workshops]

3 parties for the strategy workshop: Publishers, Adverstisors, Browsers

<jeff> Do we have a program chair?

<jeff> Are we assuming that the EU will host?

Conclusion: Extend charter; resolve chicken egg; create community; continue align with regulations.

Not yet. But it is an option.

<fielding> US holdiay next week

<aleecia> will not make next week, but volunteer to help as possible

<fielding> trackbot, end meeting

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