Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

07 Feb 2018


janina, Léonie, JF, Joanmarie_Diggs, Becky, Gibson, Becky_Gibson, IanPouncey


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preview agenda with items from two minutes

Judy Brewer will be joining to discuss recharter

Janina: group looking into tracking some additional tech stacks, are a bit behind reviewing some other W3C initiatives

Community Group Tracking

Janina: are overdue for community group tracking

<gottfried> https://www.w3.org/community/groups/

Janina: it is difficult to tell what group’s are active and which are not

Judy: horizontal reviews by APA are really important for W3C work and mission
... need to review Community groups with some regularity - does APA have a system for this?

<janina> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/wiki/Spec_Review/Community_Groups

Janina: this is APA tracking page

Judy: horizontal reviews needs to be ongoing, community groups are less frequent

JF: last review and filter, we didn’t see much activity and agreed to review again in 6-8 months

Janina: is time to review again but many groups are not active, publishing group has good accessibility coverage
... TR page is how we track groups/items for review
... didn’t intend to walk through Community groups today, just wanted to consider any process refinements

JF: activity in groups was sporadic and hard to track, is there a mechanism we can put in place for groups to reach out to us?
... we have limited numbers and need people to come to us

Judy: APA doesn’t have strong obligation to do horizontal reviews of groups but it has proven helpful. Accessibility review obligation is at the req. track work level, group review has been helpful
... some info all groups get when they are starting up -
... accessibility considerations for spec development - needs to be more discoverable
... can work to get guidance to forming groups

<Judy> [jb: and needs to be promoted through community group council.

JF: how much of this is covered by EO ?

<janina> The checklist is at: http://w3c.github.io/pfwg/wtag/checklist.html

Judy: getting accessibility spec as part of consensus for groups; provide additional guidance

JF: we need to educate new groups about W3C and process, including a11y process

Judy: EO is generally exposed to external audiences

Janina: community groups need to know that they will exposed to horizontal review (security i18n, a11y)

Judy: will work with Michael and Janina on resources

W3C Verticals https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Verticals_to_Track

Janina: have a wiki page that names verticals and associated APA member names but haven’t gotten much further

Judy: more interested in being part of a discussion about the verticals we are interested in
... W3C vertical def. has changed over the last few years, examples; publishing, automotive, gaming - some come and go and get renamed; example VR/AR
... curious who is following different areas and how are or to be plugged in

tink: has been talking with Samsung in the VR space and folks are proposing a meeting to bring people together with a11y in mind

Judy: Charles LaPierre recently participated in workshop for a11y perspective and was well received
... supports workshop for VR and a11y and can help bring more people in to widen involvement
... maybe APA can help connect the dots to identify people to anchor an area and help to prep them to represent a11y
... curious about other members on the call who can be anchors in other areas and support people is those areas

JF: is looking at media, Chris O’
... Chris O’

Brian is monitoring TV space

<janina> ~q?

Janina: recent conversations with VTT and TTML groups and planning joint meeting with TTML to iron out issues

Judy: want to be realistic about difficulty in addressing a11y of verticals - not necessarily enough experts, we/W3C need to grow them

Gottfried: is part of community group for accessible online learning, would be good to gain one of the chairs to become part of APA

Judy: that group grew out of some advisory group meetings a few years ago; that group didn’t quite rise to standards level so has stayed as group, connecting with APA could help bring that along to a standards group
... need education standards groups to become involved - haven’t gotten support from yet

Gottfried: seems there is still interest

<Zakim> Judy, you wanted to comment on e-learning

Judy: connecting to a WG like APA can help group along or at least help with mentoring, although recognizes that APA has plenty on its plate

Janina: references automotive - perhaps start with pieces of puzzles rather than entire autonomous vehicle.
... recommended sticking with HTML5 standards and encouraged auto group to review existing widgets

Judy: auto group was useful in helping us understand how we (W3C and APA) can help them with accessibility
... having written guidance and direct brainstorming with group is good tactic;

<tink> We have someone on the WoT WG.

<tink> He has presented a short talk on a11y to te WG, and is now working on a set o a11y use cases.

<tink> He'll be attending the workshop next month in Prague.

Janina: yes we have met with Web of Things WG

<tink> He + Graeme Coleman.

Judy: since TPAC only once per year, we should strive for quarterly checkins with small list of verticals

Janina: agree quarterly is good

JF: agree with idea but we need more manpower/help

Judy: resourcing question is huge across the whole field, wonders if it is possible to get more creative thinking to get more interested folks and grow them
... suggests that we need a reusable resource to introduce a11y to groups and move them along
... thanks for including me in the discussions on verticals and community groups

<Judy> [jb: bye everyone, thanks for the discussion (and the ongoing accessibility horizontal reviews!) ]

JF: probably meeting with
... TTML group on Feb 28; have an action item to review their guidance, will report back next week
... sent an email about declaritive shadow DOM proposal, we should be monitoring that discussion

Janina: there is also a new DOM spec that is pulling in shadow DOM. Becky has action to look at

JF: there is a proposal to include declaritive shadow DOM into HTML so JavaScript is not required

Yes, I looked into this briefly

Janina: perhaps a joint meeting? that has proven useful on other topics

JF: seems there is a choice between whether we want to go broad or deep wrt the previous conversation on community groups
... it still seems much of the outreach and checklists and documents falls on EO
... we should continue our deep investigations and partiipation - for example recent TTML and VTT conversations

Janina: would be useful to pull EO into helping to increaskng a11y knowledge

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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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