Silver Task Force Teleconference

23 Jan 2018


Jan, jaeunjemmaku, Jennison, Kelsey, Charles, Eleanor, DavidMcNabb, jeanne, Shari


Researcher update

Update and results from Eleanor Liacono research

Eleanor: My students formed interdisciplinary teams to work on a problem on the intersection of society and technology. This was an interactive qualifying products, they started in September to finish in December.
... you will see this in the report I sent you in the Reflections
... they have to write a 100 page report on the problem
... they set up the survey and then interviews
... I'll go through the main questions from the survey and the interviews
... They sent out surveys. 39 usable surveys were returned
... one question was about familiarity with accessibility guidelines were they could pick multiple guidelines. Majority were none, then ADA, then WCAG (5). No one had heard of 508.
... the question list of disabilities of what they knew someone personally. 22 knew someone with depression or other mental health issue, then learning disability, then blind, then hearing. [Scribe couldn't keep up with the numbers]
... Those results make sense based on working in a college population
... participants expose to web accessibility: 22 said moderate amount, 2 said none, 2 said a great deal.
... participants discussion in their courses. 15 said No, 19 said yes, ?? said don't know
... there is a mix of graduates and undergraduates, so there was some comparison of the groups.
... the gender distribution was 26 males and 11 females
... majors were computers science (15), ?? Others (6)
... where did people learn about web accessibility? 42 had not discussed in class. So most had learned about it through project work.
... coverage of web accessibility but they didn't feel confident that they had the knowledge they needed to do it.
... when asked about people they know that need web accessibility, many said parents or grandparents. One said that they needed an international website that had to apply accessibility in a different language.
... if they knew someone with a disability, they were more likely to know more about accessibility
... if your boss didn't know about web accessibility, how would you react, and what would you do? They would try to educate the boss, and if not, they would try to keep accessibility in mind.
... some gave examples of how they could include web accessibiltiy
... some suggested that 1-2 of the 14 sessions be devoted to web accessbility
... a caveat about the grad vs. undergrad, there is a class the graduates attend on UX. Also grads tend to be more international.
... it would be interesting to see from their perspective, what they are coming with and what they need to learn about web accessibility.

Shawn: 22 said they had a moderate exposure to web accessibility, but it seems like a bigger gap between who knew about accessibility guidelines

Eleanor: I think they have learned more about techniques than the guiding principles

Charles: If 27 had no experience with laws or guidelines, they know the generalities but not the specifics.

Eleanor: Having the knowledge about it, doesn't say how to include it in specific work

Kelsey: How did you get started on this accessibility force? What was the driving force?

Eleanor: A friend of mine teaches at Harvard, and I was doing guest lectures. They were always saying that accessibility is difficult, it was too hard to do. I became interested in how education would change perceptions. So this survey that an way to look at the first step of determining where they are.

Kelsey: And did the students interview students?

Eleanor: Yes they did. We are in the process of transcribing the meetings. It took longer to get the interview numbers they wanted. It was important learning. If we were going to do it again, it would go faster.

Jennison: Were they incentivized?

Eleanor: Yes, people that completed the interview got an Amazon gift card for $5.

Charles: Could we get the link to the report?

Eleanor: The student report was 97 pages long and is published at WPI. I sent it to Jemma

Jennison: I encourage you to put this work in the public domain\

Jemma: I would like to see the data in detail
... there is an education and outreach group in W3C and they may be interested
... I would like permission to share the report

Jennison: There is a group, Teach Access, that works on curricula on accessibility.

Eleanor: I have no problem with sharing the report, but I am not ready to have it be shared publicly.
... it is a great example of the work that WPI students do.
... This is a natural fit with WPI and how technology can impact society in a positive way. I would be interested in other work that we could partner with you.

Jeanne: I hope we can share it privately so we can see the data, but we will not share it publicly until it is ready and we have permission.

Eleanor: This is a good collaboration

Kelsey??: I think it important to educate people early on accessibility

Other research

<Kelsey_> (yes that was me)

Shawn: Dave Sloan sent a detailed email with info on research
... Mike Crabb sent 9 papers that students worked on, each took a Silver research question. 50 students worked on this. The 9 papers he sent were the top grades of the class.

<Kelsey_> Could someone send a link to the folder?

Charles: Last week I took an action to look for someone to take over the conformance survey task.
... Kelsey volunteered to so the Conformance Survey to complete it.

Jemma: The email from David also says he would be happy to work with Kelsey to finish the survey.

Jeanne: Jeanne and Kelsey will talk this week and pull all the info together so Kelsey can finish the survey.

Shari: I have reached out to Klaus and Michael Heron, but haven't heard back.
... I started the work on the data analysis for Pete McNally. I will have a draft for Friday.

<Kelsey_> Jeanne, thank you for sharing the folder. Could someone grant me the access to view it? I have access to Design Sprint docs but this this folder.

<Kelsey_> *not this folder

<jemma> rrsagengt, make minutes

San Diego face-to-face meeting invitation responses

Jennison: I would like to get an update.

Shawn: I have not been able to get an update from emails since vacation. Currently we have 15 confirmed responses.
... we have invited a few people with UX experience, but we have not had responses

Jennison: I have an alternative who works on accessibility team for Royal National Bank of Canada and has a masters in UX.

Shawn: We have two people in wave one who has been invited. Whitney was invited in December but hasn't responded.

Kelsey: I would be interested in joining.

Shawn: We need to get more invites out. I have a number of invites to send out. It won't happen today, but I will have time tomorrow morning to get them out.

<shari> +shari

Jennison: While we are aiming for 30, 20 may be more manageable, if they are diverse.

San Diego face-to-face meeting problem statements

<Jan> Hey Guys - I have to jump on another call - thanks for all of the great work!!

Charles: I made some updates. I also wrote all three sections for maintenance. In the Usability problem statement, I noted where there was convergence from the problem.
... Please read the Maintenance problem issues before Friday

Topics: Regrets

Jennison: Regrets for Friday. I am traveling.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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