Personalization Task Force Weekly Meeting

22 Jan 2018


janina, clapierre, thaddeus, Becka11y, Roy, MichaelC


minutes from last weeks call are at: https://www.w3.org/2018/01/15-personalization-minutes.html

• Updates 

Roy will be going through our content document and removing all the unneeded subsections.

• the Introduction should not point to a specific solution but to our implementation page were we list any example implementations.

• Not sure what Lisa Means here??

Roy, I will do this work tomorrow

Michael, The issue is we shouldn't mention any specific tools.

Charles, I assume we are?

Michael, looking… I don't see any in the explainer, there is a pointer to another github repo but I assume that is not the issue.

Becky, do we need the personalization section? Link to Lisa Seeman's Github?

Michael, Long term we should have something more stable.

Charles, I will get clarification on what that issue is.

This is a proposal to define syntax for adaptable content such as: links, buttons, symbols, help and keyboard. This may be an WAI-ARIA COGA Extension.

What is this extension to be cause the AUI extension?

Charles, this will be an AUI extension not COGA right?

Michael, Yes that needs to be AUI now. anyplace it is reference.

• review the accuracy of the RDF-a section https://w3c.github.io/personalization-semantics/#rdfa

• Finishing distractions. do we agree with: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-personalization-tf/2018Jan/att-0028/00-part

Becky, I am not quite sure what this is trying to say.

Michael, this was a section in an initial COGA module, this was an old section "Should we use RDFA".. when I moved this over this was an appendix, and I didn't edit this seciton. so this should be completely rewritten..

Becky, The first sentence says we should create this mapping…

Michael, I think we should set some rules, use the property name with the prefix, and give the procedure for apply them, I don't think we need to do a RDFA mapping, in ARIA we did this as a separate resource that exists somewhere.

<thaddeus> i could come up with a fist step draft

Charles: anyone want to take a first create a first draft..?

• Finishing distractions. do we agree with: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-personalization-tf/2018Jan/att-0028/00-part

Group: ad - Nothing was provided

Thad: ad - an advertisement or offer for a product, feature or service - an add for "free shipping" isn't really for sale.

Sharen: ad - an advertisement or offer for a product, feature or service that is under the authors' control and is not part of an activity where it is essential.

Thad: I think Sharen just went a step further, so I think what she has is good.

animations - computer-generated moving images. Animations are also autoUpdating.

autoUpdating - information that starts automatically and is presented in parallel with other content that updates frequently without user interaction unless the auto-updating is part of an activity where it is essential.

<Becka11y> +1

<thaddeus> +1

Charles: Ok autoUpdating new vocab term.

autoStarting - information that starts automatically without user interaction that is presented in parallel with other content.

<thaddeus> +1

chat - an interface that allows real-time interaction of text-based messages between a sender and a receiver over the Web

Becky: Does it need to be over the web?

<thaddeus> i agree - should not be limited to the web

Charles, Good point, any disagreement to take out "over the web?"

message: communication sent to or left for the user

moving - elements that move locations on the screen without user interaction.

Becky: change might be a better word…nit…

Suggestion: moving - elements that changes locations on the screen…

offer - should we remove the since it is close to ad?

Charles: SHould we remove it?

Becky: I dont' see the need for both.

Resolved, remove offer from vocab.

overlay - a part of an application or content that is displayed over the top of the main content in the same browser window.

Charles: should we keep Browser?

Becky: I say remove browser.

<thaddeus> +1

<scribe> Done. same window.

popup vs pop-up

Micheal, without a dash

Charles: lets stick without and be consistent.

popup - the formal definition already exists elsewhere - a child window that blocks user interaction to the parent window (popup windows are often not user initiated, that is why popup blockers are popular)

content that appears in a newly visible window, section, dialogue or tab that is not essential for the main purpose of the content

<thaddeus> a child window that blocks user interaction to the parent window

<Becka11y> +1

thirdParty - content that is not under the author’s control.

<Becka11y> +1

Do we need Table values for 3.6 aui-symbol?

<Roy> https://w3c.github.io/personalization-semantics/content/index.html#symbol-explanation



<scribe> new regions / landmarks

Thaddeus Adoption by the accessibility community may be easier as theses mirror a current paradigm (ARIA Landmarks, HTML5 sections). I am in favor of voting in a way that will move this forward in the most efficient way

3. values for regions / call out boxes

Becky question: Would multiple steps on the same page be numbered?

Sharon: Would this be in addition to the <step> that is used in the Log? Its not clear why we need both.

Summary" Sharon: Its not clear how this differs from summary.

offer is this the same as advertisment…

Need CFC from this TF that we are ready to bring this to the ARIA WG.

Then we need to ask Jonnie for time in the WG meeting to discuss our Spec.

Micheal: Jonnie, did say she will put it on the agenda for this Thursday.

Initial goal is to get this published by Feb 1st, but we need this groups consensus at the earliest will be by this Wednesday if you all think we are ready.

then the WG will need to be informed and they will need a few days for Consensus.

Then Michael once we get the ARIA to agree what is left to do before we publish? How long does that take?

Michael, then it will be in Roys hands to get it ready to publish. If we get get ARIA WG consensus by next Thursday then it "may" get at the earliest by the following Monday but that is if everything goes smoothly. Usually 48 hours for ARIA to do a CFC. but ARIA wouldn't do a CFC until probably Tuesday and then it would be finished by Thursday at the earliest.

Charles: Thaddeus, you can try to get your RDFA section written but if you don't Micheal doesn't feel this should impact our CFC for publishing this as a First Public working Draft.

…, I will be attending this weeks ARIA meeting especially if we get this on the agenda, and I will also be sending out a CFC for this group to agree that the Explainer 1.0, and Personalization Content 1.0 are ready for publishing as a First Public working Draft.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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