W3C Web Payments Vision Meeting 2017

Connected Vehicle Payments

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W3C Web Payments Vision Meeting 2017

Connected Vehicle Payments

Some of the general types of payments in automotive space

Connected Vehicle Payment Problems

Enabling payments from Connected Vehicles introduces a number of unique problems.

Intermittent Connectivity


Shared Vehicles

Unlike laptops and smartphones, cars are not always used by a single individual

  • Fleet management
  • Rentals
  • Ridesharing
  • Emerging usage instead of vehicle ownership models
  • Borrowing friend's car
  • Personal vehicle expenses on a business trip
  • Shared Vehicle Solutions

    Early thoughts on solving 1:many (vehicle:drivers) relationships

    Primary stakeholders

    Incentives for change

    Benefits for consumer

    *Electronic tolls are often offered at a discount to encourage adoption, expect similar for other types of transactions

    Market Scope


    Some of the existing efforts

    Visa IFSF* Alibaba*
    NACS* and Conexxus FirstData Jaguar Land Rover* Audi*
    SAP* and Samsung* Accenture Ford
    Honda Apple* Google*

    *Existing W3C Members

    Desired participants

    Why W3C?

    W3C is positioned well to succeed in delivering solutions based on its existing Web Payments and Automotive Standards development. A unified, interoperable solution would be preferential to unique efforts.

    Relevant Work at W3C

    Next steps

    Next steps continued

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