W3C Repository Manager in a Nutshell


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W3C Repository Manager
in a Nutshell

Kaz Ashimura, W3C



Need for
IPR management on GitHub

W3C technical report development process

  1. FPWD: First Public Working Draft
  2. WD: (Ordinary) Working Draft
  3. CR: Candidate Recommendation
  4. PR: Proposed Recommendation
  5. REC: W3C Recommendation

See also the W3C Process Document.

W3C patent policy

See also:
* W3C Patent Policy
* Patent Policy FAQ

Participation in WG discussions

See also:
* W3C Patent Policy.
* Patent Policy FAQ

Who can participate?

See also:
* Patent Policy FAQ - Q6

Important points

That's why this talk to make sure everybody is aware :)

W3C spec work on GitHub

Repository Manager tool
to help you

Additional resources to be added to your GitHub repository

How to manage contributions?

Expectation for Chairs/TCs

Steps expected by the Group to use the Repository Manager

  1. Ask the Group participants to associate the account (e.g., within 2 weeks)
  2. Make sure w3c.json, CONTRIBUTING and LICENSE.md get added to the repository for your spec
  3. Ask your Team Contact to import your repository in the Rpository Manger

Resources on GitHub