HTML meeting

14 Nov 2017


Patricia, Léonie, Steve, Terence, Xiaoqian, Sangwhan, chaals


<pati-gallardo-cb> I am hoping my setup today has no issues *fingers crossed*

HTML5.3 timeline https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/1076

<tink> LW: Posted the timeline and discussed at TPAC.

<tink> ... We pulled it in so the final publication date was before our charter expires.

FPWD milestone https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/1076

<tink> TE: How many issues do we need to resolve for the FPWD?

<tink> LW: There is no fixed target.

<tink> ... We are being scrutinised for the amount of work we get done though.

<edent> https://github.com/w3c/html/milestones

<tink> ... So the short answer is "as much as possible".

<xiaoqian> 1047, 821, 778, 163, 198, 555, 426, 769

<tink> XW: We should solve issues filed by other WGs as a priority.

<tink> LW: Yes.

<tink> ... Do you know which issues they are?

<tink> ... Otherwise let's triage the FPWD issues, and deal with the others as/when we find them.

Issue triage/assignment

<tink> Issue 1077 Terence to investigate

<tink> Issues #300 #439 #736 assigned to Steve

<tink> Added #778 #1047 to milestone plus #198 assigned to Xiaoqian.

<tink> Patricia takes #278

<tink> #277 is strange. No implementations agree, so question is which browser's implementation should we choose?

<tink> SM: Will see if there is a majority and take it from there.

<tink> #263 assigned to Shwetank

<tink> PA: Does the spec document what is, or what should be?

<tink> SM: We document reality, but if the issue is not important, then we have more flexibility.

<tink> ... So if there is one implementation of a minor feature, I tend to document and file issues.

<tink> CMN: Sangwhan is right.

<tink> ... Raising the issue with other browsers is helpful.

<tink> LW: Suggest with #254 we should test for current implementations.

[+1 to testing this before we decide which way makes sense]

<tink> SM: Suggest we use WPT for this.

<tink> PA: I can do that.

<tink> SM: The people running WPT are ex-Opera, so reach out to them.

[even if they weren't ex-opera you should feel free to ask them :) ]

[#227 assigned to XW]

[#222 review encoding changes in multipart/formdata]

<brucel> WPT ?

LJW: Looks like archeology job

[#216 Synch usages of compatibility caseless comparison]

TE: Looks like we should try to remove this
... no strong consensus to keep it.

<tink> #216 assigned to Terence

[https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/208 autocapitalise]

[already assigned to TE]

[https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/198 Stylesheet loading / security]

[LJW to follow up]


[LJW to follow up]


[CMN to follow up]

[nope. LJW to follow up]

[https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/773 dialog focusing]

[Patricia and Steve]

[https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/769 setting document.domain]

CMN: Work is probably done, but it will take some thinking to understand.

[CMN will take it]

[https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/553 allow multiple meta descriptions if they have different lang value]

[Assigned to Bruce since he is not here]


[TE to follow up]



SM: This touches a lot of stuff including rAF, which WebVR and offscreen canvas is touching on.
... not sure this is what we can do.
... think it should go to WebVR land

CMN: Mark, who filed this, more or less understands the requirements for getting stuff in the spec and has proposed changes based on that. I suggest following up with him.

[SM to follow up]


[to be assigned]


SM: Whoever takes this should look at IntersectionObserver

XW: Will take a look

Next meeting

LJW: Should we aim for weekly until we are a bit settled?

TE: Yep.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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