08 Nov 2017




Cheng: introduce the background of CA
... they are many disabled people in the world
... requirement of CA
... for communication between people with disability and normal people
... technology involovs WEBRTC, AI ,5G
... based on video and audio
... we want our system can be use in communication between deaf, blind, and foreigners
... examples for CA
... we intend to add some API to web standards
... an example for video

@@: how the mobile connect to TV?

Cheng: we have a app for mobile to connect to TV

@@: how to protect the privacy for people who use it?

<yeaphone_> Xia: we now have 5G for transport, we can cooperation with them with our advantage

<yeaphone_> Cheng: we can integrate the service

<yeaphone_> shadi: what can W3C do for your company

<yeaphone_> Cheng: W3C is famous org for standard, we hope we can input these requirement in W3C standards

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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