Silver Task Force Teleconference

03 Nov 2017


MichaelC, jeanne, Jennison, JanMcSorley, JaeunJemmaKu, Jemma, Josie, Michael
Shawn, Sharri


NcNally Survey Analysis

Tyson survey questions


<jeanne> jeanne: The questions are directly from our research questions and seem like the language is too technical for a survey. I doubt that teachers would want to answer it.

<jeanne> Ryan: They should make it more personal. Like "what tools do you use to evaluate accessibility?"

<jeanne> Jan: I think most teachers will not know who the W3C is. I think Tyson is targeting Computer Science majors and teachers, but I think it would be helpful to get answers from students with disabilities.

<jeanne> ... please comment on the document. I'll meet with him at 10:00AM.


Pete McNally Survey Analysis

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s__XoEMsuUpsmE48GTE3nUN_ERL9UmXfPR_UoCPYxlY/edit?userstoinvite=christopher.loiselle@perkins.org&ts=59fba970&actionButton=1#heading=h.q6e5fx7mb3iw

We need to look at this document, agree on the conclusions and then create some slides for TPAC and then once we have agreed on everything, we will make this document public

<jeanne> TPAC slide deck <- https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1eqUPEPxIH8AJZ8aVY3-vwGMH0sdrXhMG_JCQTp9PSy8/edit#slide=id.g29970d1a13_0_5

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kWK-AJ1MTw9jnh8emitgOauw9tfH4EUAzx-rs9rxcxo/edit#heading=h.qv64wjyega4y - Tyson McMillan research questions

Jeanne: We need feedback on the Pete McNally Report


Jeanne: Under platform focus - Silver has to pursue being hardware agnostic - need to look at the wording of this and massage it.
... look at the comment about some people working in environments where accessibility is not valued - do you agree or disagree?
... look at "what aspects are difficult to apply"

<jemma> question was " How important is accessibility to your company/clients in creating an excellent user/customer experience? "

Ryan: It's important to note in the report that these are the opinions of UX professionals surveyed.

How can the W3C create good standards and work with other organizations to create educational resources?

Jeanne: The W3C should look into how it can be a place that points people to the resources they need- if they need an example of an accessible carousel, then they could find links to some potential resources.
... Familiarity and Usefulness section is next
... we just have data to share here - not necessarily a conclusion

Jemma: This implies that WCAG has authority, but not practicality

Jeanne: Let's look at aspects that are "difficult to apply"

Ryan: Mastery is an emotional issue. If people don't feel like they can master something, despite their best efforts, they can become angry.
... The concept of personal mastery is an emotional issue. If there is no sense of mastery, then there will be no emotional buy-in.

Jemma: This might be a great topic for our interview research.
... We can be successful to certain degree, but if people experience barriers to mastery, they may determine accessibility cannot be achieved.

Jeanne: We will not have meetings next week because too many people will be at TPAC
... Jan and Jeanne will work on this on Sunday to bring it to a presentable level
... if everyong could please make comments and help us with conclusions, then we can polish it off
... next meeting is on November 14th

<jeanne> trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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