Data Exchange Working Group

14 August 2017

Meeting Minutes

<Caroline> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌Meetings:Telecon2017.08.14

<Caroline> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌08/‌07-dxwg-minutes

Motion: to approve minutes from last week https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌08/‌07-dxwg-minutes

<roba> +1

<Caroline> +1

<Caroline> APPROVE: minutes from last week https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌08/‌07-dxwg-minutes

<annette_g> +1


Resolved: minutes of last meeting https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌08/‌07-dxwg-minutes


kcoyle: progress to deliverables

Caroline: implementation report - after we have all document outputs, need to meet W3C criteria
… to prove adoption in 2 places
… 1. vocabulary update, 2. Content negotiation, 3. profiles
… UCR editors will enumerate requirements, which must be clear in advance of production of output documents

UCR group reports

roba: has been working trhough requirements, de-duplicating
… cross-referencing to come
… deep editorial work from ixchel
… some contributions from others viw pull-requests
… invitations sought from anyone else who is interested

Ixchel: mostly working on editing how reqs are described

Jaroslav_Pullmann: Did you find a methdology how to update and add new input? esp. Wiki vs GitHub
… (alejandra provided a GitHub template for new issues)

<alejandra> note that the template is the same template as before

kcoyle: q+

<alejandra> only that it is now provided in the github issues

kcoyle: new UCs use GitHub, only editors accept changes to document

<Caroline> SimonCox: I submited an use case on the wiki and I sent an annoucement on the as a issue

<Caroline> ... I added I new issue under the old method

<Caroline> s/Github/Github


<Caroline> ... issue 17 on Github is about that

<Caroline> roba: it is annouced to me and I am happy to work on it

roba: had noticed this - not processed yet - hadn't been discussed and adopted by group

roba: what is expectation about process? shoudl they need discussing before adding to UCR document?

alejandra: will poll group for meetings of DCAT editors - likely September
… has started tabulation of known Application Profiles

roba: spreadsheet only relates to AP activity so far? will be updated to other requirements in due course

alejandra: michael from Fraunhofer has done analysis, will be incorporated in due course
… spreadsheet was just exercise to list elements in profiles

Jaroslav_Pullmann: has spoken with michael about comparison of profiles, also usage (in Europe)
… analysis of usage in repositories, will provide us with relevant input, including 'national extensions'

kcoyle: ask that links from the wiki be added to these documents

<alejandra> I already listed the spreadsheet in the wiki

Action: alejandra to add link to spreadsheet from wiki

<trackbot> Created ACTION-33 - Add link to spreadsheet from wiki [on Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran - due 2017-08-21].

alejandra already done

close ACTION-33

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-33.

<alejandra> This is where the link to the spreadsheet and list of existing application profiles is: https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌Guidance_on_publishing_application_profiles_of_vocabularies

open actions https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌actions/‌open

<Caroline> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌track/‌actions/‌5

<Caroline> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌Use_Case_Working_Space#ID46

UC-46 ID46

<Caroline> SimonCox: what is the target of those requirements?

<Caroline> ... particularly the first one

<Caroline> ... are you suggesting that one of the outuputs would be to find users directions?

<Caroline> kcoyle: this is documentation

<Caroline> SimonCox: defining a user experience I am not confortable that is in the scope

<Caroline> kcoyle: this is not the user eperience. This is where the vocabulary is defined

<Caroline> ... is providing that information along the vocabulary

<Caroline> SimonCox: we need to make sure it is not fully open ended

<roba> i have tried to deal with these issues in requirements consolidation

<Caroline> ... the way it is written now it feels open ended

<Caroline> ... the 2nd and 3rd requirements it is good

<Caroline> ... user experience I wouls suggest it is out of scope

roba: has treated this as a general requirement for specifying a profile
… (kind of recursive)

<alejandra> for vocabularies, there is a specific use case: ID41

roba: profiles must include a defined set of documentation/annotation
… multiple use-cases have a common set of requirements
… ID46 draws out this common requirement from multiple uc's

mbruemmer: example - use SHACL to assist with input forms

Jaroslav_Pullmann: lost of requirements overlap; ID46 is editor-oriented, hints on which sort of input is expected
… ID46 synthesizes requirements from multiple uc's

annette_g: ID46 is good UC - request specific profile and use its description to generate an interface

alejandra: important to help UI development, but unclear what goes where
… is this within an applicatoin-profile definition, e.g. definition of terms belongs in a vocabulary, not an application profile

roba: back to process, is ID46 a good UC? can discuss detail later when assessing all the consoldiated requirements

proposed: accept ID46

<kcoyle> +1

<mbruemmer> +1

<Thomas> +1

<roba> +1


<LarsG> +1

<Caroline> +1

<newton> +1

<annette_g> +1

<Jaroslav_Pullmann> +1

<dsr> +1

<alejandra> -1

alejandra: important that we are clear that intention of problem statement is that AP 'has human readable definitions'

roba: implementation choices - 'definitions are available' - mechanisms may vary

<alejandra> how does it differ from https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌dxwg/‌wiki/‌Use_Case_Working_Space#Vocabulary_constraints_.5BID41.5D

roba: may be in profile, or in vocabulary (for example)

kcoyle: ID46 differs from ID41 - human-readable vs testable
… e.g dc:title can be used for a person's name

<alejandra> changing vote to +1

Resolved: UC ID46 accepted

NB UC is in scope, requirements to be clarified later (in all cases!)


Resolved: accept ID46

Caroline: no more time to discuss UCs
… please raise UCs on mailing list to move discussion forward ahead of next meeting

thanks all for joining call

<Caroline> bye!

<Jaroslav_Pullmann> bye

<LarsG> bye

<kcoyle> rssagent please generate minutes v2

Summary of Action Items

  1. alejandra to add link to spreadsheet from wiki

Summary of Resolutions

  1. minutes of last meeting https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌08/‌07-dxwg-minutes
  2. UC ID46 accepted
  3. accept ID46
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