Silver Task Force Teleconference

08 Aug 2017

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Sarah, Shawn, Jennison, Jeanne, DaveSwallow
Jemma, Jan
Shawn, jeanne


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Update from David Swallow

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Set up longer diary studies with five web developers (over two weeks).

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Whenever they use WCAG, they create a new diary entry.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Looking to get some feedback on the questions, sent via email earlier.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: The survey includes the core set of questions, and then the diary entries will follow as longer entries.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Looking to streamline the entries, which may get a bit repetitive.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Last, a phone interview at the end, put into a Survey Monkey survey to review and get feedback.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Regarding compensation, Sarah and I think $50 would be appropriate.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: How many gift cards do we need?

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Pounds or dollars or?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Interestingly, it can get difficult with international participants, depending on the region.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Where are the participants from?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: We don't have that, yet. We had discussed using the stakeholders for that.

<Lauriat> Sarah: Quick question about the diary entry survey. Every time I use WCAG I would fill this out, or at the end of the day?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Ideally every time.

<Lauriat> Sarah: Would it work to do something like a log for when you use it and then an end-of-day reflection?

<Lauriat> Sarah: I really like the questions you have in here. Maybe having a couple of the questions move to an end-of-the-day reflection?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Yeah, that makes sense.

<Lauriat> Sarah: I think given that this is a pilot diary study, keeping this constrained is good in order to focus.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Also good to know if they consult a third party, rather than WCAG directly. Let's try this for the pilot.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Developers only for this?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Yes. The questions aren't really developer-specific, but interested mostly in developers for this.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: This seems like it will target accessibility web developers, given the need for them to use WCAG enough for the study.

<Lauriat> Jennison: Looking at targeting accessibility specialists in particular or others?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: I'd like to get more of a beginner outlook as well, good to get a range.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Ideally a spread.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Ideally two intermediate and two beginner and one somewhere in the middle.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: What about international?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Only five participants does limit things a bit, but ideally yes.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: We could probably get someone from Japan and Korea as well.

<Lauriat> Jennison: We'll just need to make sure that we can provide something for each geography that they can use.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: I can reach out to some people to find someone more beginner.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Jennison, you can probably find someone as well, on the beginner side, in the US.

<Lauriat> Jennison: When do you need folks by?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Nothing specific, really. Let's say this month.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: For a period of two weeks for participation.

<Lauriat> Jennison: Will we have to translate, or make sure that participants know enough English?

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Yeah, let's stick with English. Just reading and writing, really.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: I had intended the interview to happen over the phone, but it could happen via email, really.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: So an initial survey, then a two-week study, and then a final interview.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: And at least a $50 gift card.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Looking to have realistic participation - I don't want to artificially create situations where they need to use WCAG.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: What about situations where people will use different versions of WCAG?

<Lauriat> Jeanne: What are the specific goals and questions of the study?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Mainly consulting the resource, WCAG 2.0. [Other resources] could be interesting, I agree. For this pilot, let's stick to the resource itself.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: An official translation should be fine, though.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Right.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: What else do you need from us?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: That covers it, really.

<Lauriat> Jennison: We can give you more feedback via email as well.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Would you mind reading the questions? Having trouble reading them from here.

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Quite a few of them, really.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: Just a note, because you sent the links to the mailing list, those links are all now public. Is that okay?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: Better to send a document with the questions?

<Lauriat> DavidSwallow: I'll chat with Sarah and get this shared.

<Lauriat> Jeanne: I made a small amount of progress on the budget, though not enough to really have a look at today.

Research project sheet review

<Lauriat> No other updates.

Open action items https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/track/actions/open review

action-32 due 8 September

<trackbot> Set action-32 Post requests for participation on lists looking for people with diverse disabilities, particularly movement disabilities. due date to 2017-09-08.

action-35 due 8 September

<trackbot> Set action-35 Add stakeholders for general ux, developers, designers, and reach out to contact at vermont coders to tweet our request. due date to 2017-09-08.

action-40 due 8 September

<trackbot> Set action-40 Reach out to colleagues with experience with switch for android, and also to get people on hardware development side as stakeholders due date to 2017-09-08.

action-42 due 8 September

<trackbot> Set action-42 Reach out to someone from TextHelp to help with the assistive technology interface due date to 2017-09-08.

action-36 due 8 September

<trackbot> Set action-36 Ask news, video, and e-business sources for stakeholders. due date to 2017-09-08.

action-54 due 11 August

<trackbot> Set action-54 With Jennison as lead, reach out to accessibility meetup organizers. due date to 2017-08-11.

Jeanne: Moving the dates for recruiting more participants is being delayed until we have actual action for them to take

close action-101

<trackbot> Closed action-101.

action-101 sent 7 August

action-65 postpone because we don't have the granular detail to organize the projects yet. Pushing out 1 month.

action-65 due 8 September

<trackbot> Set action-65 Modify the researcher spreadsheet to organize it. due date to 2017-09-08.

action-102 is complete, setting up next step.

close action-102

<trackbot> Closed action-102.

<scribe> ACTION: Sarah to finalize the WCAG Usability Survey [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2017/08/08-silver-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-109 - Finalize the wcag usability survey [on Sarah Horton - due 2017-08-15].

action-107 due 15 August

<trackbot> Set action-107 Contact mikep about silver workshop around csun 2018 march 19-23 2018 due date to 2017-08-15.

close action-108

<trackbot> Closed action-108.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Sarah to finalize the WCAG Usability Survey [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2017/08/08-silver-minutes.html#action01]

Summary of Resolutions

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